Sunday, August 26, 2012

call me camper

Camping was a foreign concept for me until beach camp in high school with my youth group. I'll just put it simply and come clean: I'm not a natural camper. There is something about the dirt that I just can't  come to terms with. However, I have learned to appreciate the joy that the camping experience brings to my boys. That alone has made camping my friend. I must offer a huge thanks to our friends who are like family and their ability to roll with us. They have camping in their blood and their love of it has been contagious for our family.

There is something to be said for removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just spending time with each other and taking it slow.

My favorite time is spent at the beach. The toasty sand, salty air, and crashing waves are why I now look forward to beach camping each summer like others dream of Paris.

My kids are beach people too. It speaks to us. Jack made himself right at home.

 Charlie is the new Kelly Slater. He kept trying and trying. I love his tenacity. It's why we call him Fun Time Charlie, after all.

Even the moms got in on the action.

 It wasn't pretty, my friends.

I think I like Jack's "on sand" approach better. I'll try that next time.

In the late afternoon we would head back to camp. We had to make a pit stop first, though.

As the sun was setting we whipped out the glow sticks because it wouldn't be camping in my boys' book if we didn't bring them...lots and lots of them.

A little s'mores action was called for, too.

And the boy who could not put down A Light in the Attic made my heart happy.

We packed up and looked forward to long showers, clean feet, and sleeping in our own beds. But, we started talking about camping next summer by the time we got in the car.

Good times, my friends. Until next year...

Much love,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

say what???

Life has taken a quick turn around here.

Although I debated about applying for the 4th grade position which I long-term subbed for last spring, I made the decision to finish up the year and prep for a hybrid-homeschool program for the two older boys this fall. Even though I knew teaching 4th grade was not in the plan for this fall, I still loved the opportunity I had to be back in the classroom.

Deciding not to interview for that 4th grade position was a huge decision for me. In times of big life decisions, I go through a loonnnggg process. It usually goes as follows: stress about every detail, don't sleep, eat a lot of chocolate, make lists, remake lists, and then I finally pray when I wear myself down.

After declining to interview, I asked God to work out two specifics if working this fall, not partially home-schooling our boys, was the next step.

The two requests were so out of reach considering the job market for teachers that I assumed homeschooling was our definite route.

Not too long ago, the principal from the school called me and offered me a 1st grade position.

The two specific things I prayed for were answered in an instant.

Now we are off on another unexpected adventure.

Oh, and may I mention that I have a soon to be 4th grader???

For those of you with littles in the house, freeze them now or it will be too late!

Much love,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

when your "no" turns to "yes"....beautifully rooted

There is a blogging bud that I frequently pray for. I have journeyed along with her via her blog, e-mail, and texting as she has sought help for her son who was recently diagnosed with autism.

As I was praying for her, I had a gut feeling, or what I like to call a God feeling, that I needed to write a prayer for moms of special needs kiddos in order to share and support moms who need some extra "you can do this!" lovin'.

Later while I was in church, I started to think about Hannah again so I took out my phone and I quickly emailed a list of one word reminders so I could go home and type it out.

Once I got home, I sat in my favorite spot, and wrote away.

But I stopped there.

I came up with 100 reasons why I could not hit "publish."

When you get that "no" feeling, it is usually when you need to say "yes" the most.

So please cruise on over to Beautifully Rooted to see what I said "yes" to.

Much love,