Tuesday, November 19, 2013

life spices

Hello, Friends. I guess it has been awhile. Let's be frank. I have no energy for this ol' blog anymore. With soccer, school, and other life demands, life feels a bit like a hamster wheel. So my mama points are down with documenting our latest and greatest. The former late owl in me has converted to a fall asleep on the couch by 8 p.m. kinda gal. Life. It happens. What can you do?

Life  at this moment is much like a recipe that isn't quite balanced. So, you just try to throw in some good spices to cover up what isn't so palatable.

With this particular season of our lives, I'm soaking up every bit of time with my family that I can. It brings as much balance to my life recipe as possible.

Our latest life spices...

Crystal Cove with some favorite friends. Boys, beach, tide pools, and Ruby's shakes. Enough said.

The cottage behind Jack was filmed in one my favorite movies, Beaches. Remember it?

Another life spice of ours is Julian. Hiking and apple pie equals happiness for all in our family.

And last weekend, we added one more I need something to boost me up spice. Balboa Park.

And for the grand finale, 14 years of marriage, yo. We don't mess around. 19 years of togetherness. I dig him.

I wish you each a very Happy Thanksgiving. May we all be reminded of the many blessings we have to be grateful for.

Much love,