Saturday, September 13, 2014

beach camping is actually fun...really

Before I crossed over to the dark side of the world of camping, all I could envision was dirt and discomfort. I wasn't able to look beyond my preferred mode of vacation, which includes comfy beds, pools to lounge by, and room service just a call away.

However, once our friends, Josh and Linda, convinced us that camping was an experience, not just a vacation, we went for it.

I have to admit we rent a trailer each  year. I can only go so far, friends. Not only do my boys and Kevin count down the months until our next annual beach camping trip, but so do I. The experience has won me over like a fool.

As soon as we get there, we get into relaxation mode. The kids immediately create a world in the tree forest and disappear. Days are spent at the beach building detailed sandcastles, boogie boarding, and reading high quality literature like PEOPLE and US Magazine.

Sure the dirt bugs me and I crave the comforts of home by the end of the trip, but the experience is worth it.

Until next year.

Much love,