Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There once was a new kidney...

There is no other way to tell this story about my mom without summing it up in a nutshell. It is more of a sit in yoga pants while drinking a latte kind of story, but we'll keep with the nutshell version.

My mom was diagnosed with lupus when she was pregnant with me. Doctors prepared my dad to lose both of us due do the severity of her disease. It was a true miracle we both survived.

Throughout the course of my life, she's had many ups and downs with her disease; particularly with the lupus attacking her kidneys.

We knew that one day she'd need a transplant. However, one day always seemed so far off until the last year or so when ONE day became a reality. She started dialysis this last summer. My once on the go, can't stop this woman from doing anything mom, became much more fragile and exhausted. With over 70,000 candidates waiting, we didn't know if we'd every see a transplant day.

But on the morning of Christmas Eve, she got THE call. She was in church and saw the number from her transplant line pop up on her phone. My parents raced up there. I'll leave out the specifics as the surgery has many ups and downs, but she was given a Christmas miracle.

So far she is recovering as expected, which means slow and difficult. I ask for your prayers that God will bring healing to her body. I thank you for your sweet support.

Much love,