Friday, June 3, 2016


Once a year, we wake up before the sun and head to the beach to celebrate Memorial Day with some of our dearest friends.

The early rising is not a favorite of mine, but spending time inhaling the salty air, digging my toes under a mound of sand, and watching my children instantly become BFF's with kids they've never played with before is a true favorite of mine.

Initially, we all did our typical Cali complaining about the chilly, cloudy May gray in the air for the first few hours. For living somewhere where there's not much extreme weather, we talk about weather a lot. Within a few hours, the clouds grew weary of our griping and begged the sun the take over the party.

As I sat there under my striped beach umbrella, I absorbed my boys. They change physically from year to year as we celebrate this annual tradition, however, who they are at heart stays the same.

Luke is my explorer. Luke searched for ocean treasures. The sea did not disappoint.

Charlie is the adventurer. His speaks the language of fun and action. Today he was fluent in catching waves with Dad.

Jack is the entertainment. He leads groups, giving each friend a role to play. It reminded me of when I was a kid. There were times that my friends called me "bossy" but I prefer to call it "early leadership."

Today was a moment of stopping busyness in it's tracks and taking time to appreciate all the good around me. I get easily distracted by the stress of work, parenting, and life's challenges that I am blinded to the good all around me. 

In moments like this, a simple refresher on perspective is all that is needed.

So there on the beach, with my toes in the sand, I took deep breaths and filled my soul up with the good.

Much love,