Wednesday, July 16, 2014

8 is great

Our Fun-Time Charlie is 8. It's hard to believe, but all those well meaning "mature" ladies in the grocery store were right. 

Luke will be 12 soon enough and I've learned that kids grow up too fast. Before you know it, they are hanging out in their  bedrooms and saying things like "oooo-kaaaay Mom" when you ask them to unload the dishwasher.

So with Charlie and his younger brother, Jack, I hold onto these years all the more tightly for they are sacred.

I try to not wish time to speed up or dream of a few years ahead as I find myself now looking back and longing for a repeat of those early years.

For Charlie's 8th birthday, we celebrated at Get Air. The lucky guy even had his birthday party on his real birthday. That's one benefit of having a summer birthday.

He enjoyed every single minute of it!

That's just his nature. He's also a sensitive guy, with a great sense of humor. He's adventurous and always up for fun.

Love you always, Charlie. Always.

Happy 8th Birthday!

Much love,


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Someone must have made a nasty comment or something on your post of parenting a child with special needs. Sorry if that is the case. I don't think I got the chance to comment. In anycase, you are so write. I wish I go back and reparent my now 16 year old. So much has changed and yet I know some things haven't in terms of understanding children with special needs that are not say the loss of an arm or blind but rather learning disablities. My adultest had mild ausbergers. He is prety high functioning, but if I were to go back and parent him I would simply love him more and relax. I spent so much time being stressed. To concerned with what others thought and I know this has effected our relationship. Everyone thinks it is simply a matter of proper disaplining; however, it isn't as you know. Sometimes no matter how much you disapline it isn't going to change how they react to the world and behave. They can't help it, but people don't understand. Hang in there! Our guy i 16 right now and we have seen some pretty amazing things this past year.

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