Saturday, October 4, 2014

julian 2014

Amid the beginning of the school year chaos, we make sure to schedule a day to hang with the Stewart clan in Julian. They are our tradition compadres.

Winter snow play in the mountains? Check.

Spring strawberry picking? Oops, got to get back on that one.

Summer beach camping? Check.

Fall trip to Julian? Check.

We have our priorities set. So even though we're overwhelmed with school, sports, and work, we schedule time for Julian.

Before we headed into town, we went apple picking.

Kevin and I stopped for reinforcement at the local winery.

The kids roamed freely through the rows of apples as the grown ups caught up with each other. We knew we were going to be heading down the mountain with 3 full bags of apples; enough for 3 families, but it was worth it to see them examining each tree for the perfect fruit as we laughed and shared the latest happenings with our friends. We may have seen a few kids tasting as they picked. You know, just quality control in action.

It is our time to come up for air. There is something about this small quaint town that has me at hello every single time. The main street makes me long for times past. While the kids fail to notice the aesthetics, they never fail to beg to visit Mom's apple pie shop and the local candy store.

And because we dig this tradition so much, we said "yes" to both. Sugar for all!

The bottom line is this. I'm an ultimate sucker for traditions. These are the times that will fill the pages of our family story. Each page dripping with memories that will forever be imprinted on my mama heart.

Much love,


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Sadly we didn't make it to the apple orchards this year! Our season starts the end of August and by the end of September the fields are all picked over. It was so hot this year that I could stand the thought of chasing after two three year olds. Those pies look amazing and look you have long hair now. You look like a totally different person. Love it!

Christina Schergen said...

love this! also, i adore apple picking.

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