Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st are Bittersweet

Today was a big 1st.

This boy was ready. He's been ready. He has an older brother, which means he's always ready for the "next step" before his mama is.

I know now.

With Luke, I was so excited for every new step. I couldn't wait for him to eat solids, to crawl, to walk, to start school, etc. But I know now how fast it goes.

But, this kid was ready so we needed to get prepping.

We bought his 1st one of these that is just for him...not his brother's that he "gets to borrow" on occasion.

And as I put these on his tiny feet, I couldn't help but feel a tad bit of sadness that these little feet were about to do something meant for big boys.

He's part of a team. He has real coaches. It's not mommy and me anymore.

I found myself cheering from the sidelines a little too much; wanting to reassure him and provide him confidence. Maybe it was to make myself feel needed... who knows? I found myself barely sitting in my chair as if ready to pop up at any minute to help him, but then his coach would step in. Mom is off duty there. A 1st for me, too, with my Charlie.

So with a little sadness that my little guy is joining the big kid world (yikes preschool starts in the fall, how will I deal with that?), I am thrilled with this new step of independence for my sweet Charlie.

Have fun Buddy!

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