Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chalk...Friend or Foe?

I really dislike chalk. Even funky, pretty chalk like this...

However, when the boys seem so intent on creating and drawing, my feeling of disdain melts a bit...

My issue with chalk is that it is so messy. And mess and Katie don't get along too well. We're trying to become friends, but it is a work in progress.

But the thing with chalk is that my disdain for it is greatly outweighed by my little guys' delight with it. Luke makes up games, creates mazes, and taps into his inner Monet. Charlie focuses intently to create art that only he can describe. It looks like scribble, but he knows what it is. I just call it modern art. And Jack, well, he just chucks the chalk because he likes to see it break. Go figure. He's 2.

Another bonus of chalk is that it keeps them busy. And for a house of 3 rowdy boys, keeping them busy with one thing for more than a few minutes is enough reason for me to tolerate it.

I am curious what drives you a little nutty in your house. Is it chalk like me? What is it that makes your insides cringe when your kids ask to do that very thing that bothers you most? I’d love to hear from you so I know that I’m not alone!

Cheers to chalk and all the other bothers that we tolerate for the sake of our little ones.


AMedina said...

Play-Doh. I spend 15 minutes prepping a newspaper-layered table, the kids spend 30 minutes playing with it and I spend the next few days picking the little mashed bits out of my carpet.

Tina said...

All of Maddie's toys are fine with me. It's when she gets ahold of my iPhone that makes me cringe because she loves to do 2 things to small items:

1. Put them in her mouth
2. Bang them on the table, wall, floor...

Neither are good for an iPhone. But I know if I take it away from her, she will have plenty to say, none of it good. I let her "play" with it for awhile, then I offer her something else in hopes she'll give it up. Most the time that works.

Mommy of three said...

I also despise chalk. I think chalkboard paint in the house is amazingly cool. However, in my house it would drive me utterly insane.
When i was a teacher, I covered all my chalkboards with butcher paper and used my overhead projector to teach.
The thing with chalk is that they don't just get it on their hands, oh no, that chalk dust is ALL over them. And it doesn't just brush off--it gets tracked into the house and smeared on the furniture, the walls, the floors and everything else.
The sad thing: they love it.
I let them use it outside. Sometimes.
I feel your pain.
Love from,