Wednesday, November 10, 2010

color confusion

We've been in our home for over a year now. It has been well over 400 days at this point. A lot of remodeling and redecorating has taken place.

The boys' baby and toddler furniture has been replace by bunk beds.

The all too wrong carpet in the bathrooms is a thing of the past.

Pinkish tile...gone! Welcome bamboo flooring!

The 1996 oak cabinets have been painted a fresh white with farmhouse hardware.

The ghostly white fireplace has finally had a visit from Dr. 90210 for a refreshing facelift. Not really. It was our talented tile guy Mike and I heart him lately.

A lot.

And all the hospital stark white walls have vanished.

Well, almost...

I just can't figure out the right color for our master bedroom.


Yeah, I've tried over two dozen color swatches to pick up colors in the quilt and nothing has struck me with lightening yet.

I'm now OVER IT. I'm at the WHATEVER phase. I am not kidding that if I walk into my room one more day and stare at the tried and failed colors on my wall, I'm going to lose it!

I originally wanted a green to pick up green like this...

But, I never found the one that was just right. It is either too minty, too yellow, or too green, which is odd since I am looking for a green paint, you know?

Then I started thinking, maybe I don't want green. Maybe green is just not in my cards. Maybe I think I want green, but really want aqua???

I really dig aqua. It's kinda my new thing. But, green has always been my favorite color. Hmmm.

So here's the deal. I'm thinkin' of doing an accent wall in a bold color and the other walls in a neutral. Can you help a color confused girl out?

What do you think?

Green or aqua?


Anonymous said...


--- Kenley

Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know Katie, I like the aqua but my first feeling is that there is a lot of blues already in that quilt. I think I would go with a green but that's just me because I love green. I like the idea of an accent wall. Don't know if that helps. ;0). On antibiotics now. Hopefully will be feeling better soon. -April

AMedina said...

Please send a picture of your fireplace. I need ideas!
I'm thinking the middle neutral color with a different piece over the headboard. Something more in line with the bedspread. Just me. I'm going through the same thing with Art and we are at a stand still. We definitely agree the yellow walls need to go but that's about it. We are thinking very light purple walls with a Moroccan theme of reds, golds, greens and brown. Sounds weird but you'd have to see it together.

Ryan said...

go with the will show off the colors in the quilt and will look great with an aqua accent wall!!

jdean14 said...

I agree with Ryan... Aqua accent wall (although I am obsessed with that color) and grey on the other walls.

Brooke G. said...

I love THAT green and I love green in general so I would go with the green one :D On a side note - that bedding is so fun. I love the colors... it's so... tropical! Good luck with the painting.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i hope you're not going to want to throw rocks at me, but i think a yummy golden yellow would be divine. it think it would make your bedding the the furniture stand out in the most lovely way.