Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a total strike out = home run

Last Wednesday was one of those days.

I didn't sleep a wink since Jack was up all night screaming, "my boogers hurt!" Besides using the dirt devil to try to suck those things out, there wasn't anything for me to do but crawl into bed with him, rub his back, and sleep when I could in between his booger pain cries.

By the time he woke up for good, he managed to stir the other boys awake
at 5:40 a.m., which = one moody mama. Even my steaming cup of HAPPY didn't zap me out of my sleepy fog. That says something.

I had to cancel plans with a friend to go mini golfing with our littles. However, after a few hours of our kids jumping on sofas, fighting, and crying, I told the hubs, who was taking a vacation day, "we are outta here!" Strike #1.

So I designed a grand plan: Take the Coaster down to San Diego and walk around Sea Port Village. They don't call me "Camp Counselor Katie" around here for nothing. I can't sit still for long and I have this false sense of successful weekend day trips. That's not a good combination for a mama with littles.

Seemed easy enough, though. Oh, but not for our family. By the time we packed lunches and convinced unmotivated boys to use the bathroom, we barely allowed enough time to get to the station.

The whole way there I had a deep down gut feeling that was telling me, "go home now. It is not too late!"

But, I didn't. Strike #2.

So we quickly parked and jammed to get down to the Coaster in order to buy our tickets. Except, once we got there we only saw a ticket booth for Amtrak. Kevin had to ask someone where the Coaster booth was...tick tick tick.

We made a mad dash to the correct location. Rumor has it, that I could be heard mumbling, "I can't believe we are always late. I try to plan something fun for the family and now were barely going to make it...hurry up!"

Real nice, huh? Nothing like fun family days with a crazy mama leading the pack.

And then we heard, "last call!"

Just as Kev was in line to pay, the boys and I watched in disbelief as the Coaster left us in the dust. Strike #3.

Kev bounced back and was ready for plan B. Not me. I griped and pouted for a good 20 minutes. Immature? Yes. Inflexible? Yes. Just being honest? Yes.

However, we ended up driving down and it was all good. The kids had long forgotten about the promise of a train ride and embraced the opportunity for hanging with trusty old pals, Ben and Jerry...

chasing birds...

climbing trees and wrestling with cousins...

and riding the carousel...

Meanwhile, I desperately attempted to get one decent pic of the kids...

Can anyone tell me why it is so dang hard to get all 3 to look at the camera and stand still at the same time?!

Yes, the day started out with 3 strikes. But, 3 strikes = a home run for my guys.

Not bad my friends, not bad at all.


Jen said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this post! Sometimes it's so difficult to be flexible and enjoy a moment or a day no matter what.

AMedina said...

Cue the Cloud. Now you can photoshop a good picture! I can't believe your two youngest are the same exact size.