Sunday, April 22, 2012

as honest as it gets

Hi Friends,

I hope you are each enjoying your weekend. We have been slammed with plans thus far. We spent Sat. in San Diego at the Cub Scout Fair and then headed to an amazingly planned pirate party.

Today, I'm heading to my classroom as soon as my morning cup of happy jolts my system before meeting Kevin and the boys at church. Then it will be back to the classroom to prep for the week and for Open House. I don't necessarily love working on the weekends, but it provides me more time with Luke, Charlie, and Jack after school during the week, so it is worth it!

To top off the weekend, we are going for our annual strawberry picking. It is something I look forward to every spring. The massive strawberry field is dotted with rows of ruby red berries and is perched on a hill overlooking the ocean.

We follow our strawberry picking with IN-N-OUT because there is no other way to end a fun-filled annual tradition with great friends than that. I may even indulge in a chocolate shake because it is that kind of day.

My new contribution at Beautifully Rooted is posted.

I'd love for you to visit. It reveals a raw struggle I'm facing as I mother my 3 special guys.

Thank you for letting this be an open, loving community to share such struggles.

May your weekend be blessed with family, love, and joy.

Much love,


Karen Fieri said...

Love you and your traditions! Love that you actually follow through with them. They are always thoughts in my mind but I never follow through. See you in a few hours. (was this really posted at 12:55 AM??)

Melissa said...

What an awesome tradition! I love picking fruit, but I love greasy hamburgers and milkshakes even more! Sounds like I could get used to your tradition!

theolivetree said...

aggg I wanna go strawberry picking...what fun!

No(dot dot)el said...

I followed you over from another site because I just loved your blog name. I am now joined up :) with ya. Strawberry picking sounds amazing. I miss In and Out now that I live in Seattle. It was one of our favs when we lived in NV. Sounds like you had a normal momma of 3 boys kind of weekend.
Oh hi, My name is Noel.