Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a mama's intuition

A few weeks ago I had a day that was like most days during my lunch. I dropped  my 4th graders off in the cafeteria, quickly ate a few bites in the teachers' lounge, and made a mad dash back to my room to do as much as possible with my extra minutes before the bell rang.

On some occasions, I take my lunch and bring it into Charlie's kindergarten room. I sit with him and his group while they do math centers. However, I usually do this on Tuesdays so the teacher knows when she can count on me to come in and help.

Since it was Friday I was trying to ignore the gut instinct to go see him. I just had a real sense of missing my buddy. As I tried to reason with myself that I didn't want to cause any interruptions, I continued to have a nagging sense that I should go check on him.

As I slowly opened the door and peaked my head in, I noticed there was a substitute. So I tried to mutter something along the lines of, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the kids had a sub today. I'm a mom. Well, and a teacher here. (Feeling really stupid at this point). And I just pop in sometimes (great, now I sound like a helicopter parent), and hang out.

She smiled and said, "okay." I think it was more of like, "Ok....this lady is kinda nutty" but I went inside anyway.

I immediately noticed that my sweet Charlie was holding a bag of ice to his head.

My not too affectionate boy climbed into my lap. I decided it was best to go into the hallway so I could get the details.

It turns out he was just bumped by a big bouncy ball. I think it may have been more of an emotional reaction than physical. My new role as a working mom has not been without struggle for my 3 boys as they struggle with a big change in our daily routine.

He begged me to take him home, but I convinced him to go back to class. However, within minutes I heard my classroom door opening.

Charlie was back.

This time it took a little snack from my cupboard, a chance to sit in Mom's teacher chair, and a little photo taking distraction.

we are fierce

It has been my best lunch break yet.

There is nothing like finding joyful moments in everyday life experiences.

May you have a moment of joy in the mundane today, too.

Much love,

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Small Town Joy: said...

That was a fun picture! I know you were glad you listened!

Genn said...

Isn't that mother's intuition a crazy thing?
I loved reading this story.
I bet you made his day turn right around.

PS- I love the west elm pillow! :)

Charla Liedahl said...

Sweet moments! Treasure them!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

oh my word his face is precious in that picture! so sweet you can see him while you work. BLESSING!

likeschocolate said...

That is so great that you can work in the same building.

Susan Liberatore said...

You are so lucky to be working in the same school for sure. He's so cute!!

Brooke said...

Awww - how great that you got to help him through that. LOVE the fierce shot!!!

Laurie J said...

priceless moments covered in mama's intuition....way to go! :) love that last pic

Flor said...

poor little guy but i gotta tell you, he looks adorable in that picture of him pouting :)
haha, love your silly faces!