Monday, October 22, 2012

once upon a pumpkin

We've been super limited this month due to Kevin's traveling for work. Being a single mama over a couple of weekends has limited us on our pursuit of our annual traditions. So what does one do in such a predicament? 

Why, you cram them together in one weekend, of course. 

It started with arriving at a local pumpkin patch. You won't find bounce houses or petting zoos, but you'll find pumpkins still attached to the vine and a homey atmosphere. It is another opportunity to show our children the benefits of living in a small town. I never thought I'd write those words when we left this small town.

However, 3 years after moving back to our hometown, I have to say that taking our boys to such places like Lavender Hill Farm, makes me content with our decision to move back to the "we will never move back there" neck of the woods.

Yes, "never say never" has been a humbling lesson for me, but a lesson that has given me the opportunity for gratitude, too.

 Each boy had a method true to their own self reflection. Luke observed, contemplated, and took his time.

Lots and lots of time. 

My natural inclination was to rush him along. However, I restrained myself and let him work through his process. He looked for the most unusual pumpkins. I love that he didn't want to settle for just a regular old, orange pumpkin.

Meanwhile, it didn't take Charlie long to enthusiastically pick-up a pumpkin and declare it his new prized possession. However, after a few seconds that pumpkin was tossed aside for a brighter and bigger pumpkin. Our rule is, as long as you can lift it, you can buy it. He puts us to the test.

Homeboy was on a mission.

He had to stop and think about it for awhile. Our Charlie is quite pensive about life. He had to make sure it truly was the biggest he could fit in the barrel.

Well, and then there is Jack. I find myself saying that often about this kid. His energy is overflowing and he may or may not have sat in the car for a portion of the pumpkin picking. 

While I could gripe about how he pushes every button or zaps me of all my energy, I am going to tell you that I love that kid more than life. He is dramatic, fearless, and the life of the party.

You can trust that Jack is always going to bring his A game. He may just bring his B and C game too; he's got a lot of game.

As the boys studied each pumpkin, I studied them. Sometimes in the rush of each week, I forget to truly look at them. Each one is so uniquely their own person. Who knew a misty morning in a pumpkin patch would provide such reflection?

 To prove how much of a bonding time we had, I thought I'd make you jealous...

 I only hope our Christmas photo turns out as stunning.

Happy Monday, friends.

Much love,


Joy Kinard said...

I appreciated the last picture the most. Welcome to REAL life! Looks like a fun time either way. Your pictures are beautiful!

Karen said...

First of all, your photos are stunning! And second, total Christmas card material on that last one!!

Erin said...

That last pic of the boys is awesome! What a beautiful pumpkin patch. Us south county folk get stuck with the cheesy carni-style parking lot "patches". Jealous!

Flor said...

loved your pumpkin pictures and those of your boys!
our pumpkin patch is not at pretty as yours there..and we have yet to take the kids (i'm stalling :) )

likeschocolate said...

The last photo totally cracks me up! SO classic! Just when you want to get a good photo they don't want to cooperate! Been there!

Susan said...

I am so with you on the smaller more intimate pumpkin patch.
They're so cute your boys! Eeek.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! The last one especially :)


Rachel Reeves said...

What lovely pictures!

christina said...

haha loved this post ... the photo is great. just great.