Sunday, November 4, 2012

last of the pick

A combination of the insanity of the beginning of the school year, excruciating temps, and a traveling husband, put a crimp on our fall traditions. Despite September and almost all of October tip-toeing out of sight, we made it up to Julian for our annual apple picking. Even the rumored threat of all the apples being picked over didn't rob our apple picking tradition stamina. Nothing messes with our traditions.

This year was especially delightful. The mountains were covered in thick fog, the air was cold enough for us to dust off our hoodies, and the rows and rows of apples beckoned boot covered feet. It gave us southern California natives a rare fall experience. We often have to fake those kind of events here.

Although this is a tradition we enthusiastically tackle year after year, it never grows old.

These moments are precious.

Much love,


likeschocolate said...

It is important to keep the traditions even when it is difficult. How sweet to find a nest! Happy Fall!

Kelly said...

i've always wanted to go apple picking. i'm glad you were able to follow through with your fall tradition. wishing you a slower holiday season.

Joy Kinard said...

We missed apple picking again this year for the second year in a row. I hope we will redeem ourselves next year. Your pictures are lovely.

Erin said...

Glad you got to squeeze it in. We missed our opportunity this year, but are hoping to get away for pie at least over Thanksgiving. Pie is my #1 priority anyway!

Susan Liberatore said...

We didn't even get to a pumpkin patch OR apple picking this year! Sometimes I really do wonder what I do every day, all day.
Miss you girl! Hope all is going well.

Flor said...

i really wanted to do it this year but couldn't make it :(
i love how you strive to make traditions in your family.. they will remember these things and do them with their own children.
hope you are well and hopefully November treats us well :)