Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new kind of resolution

As the new year begins, my Facebook feed is flooded with New Year's resolutions. I'm not knocking the idea of self improvement, but I feel like there must be another way; more imperatively, a better way to approach the new year.

Resolutions by nature are self focused.



Health conscious.

I have to admit that I've never been one to set resolutions. It just isn't how I'm programmed. Perhaps it is that ever lingering pessimistic self that always battles to take down the wall of optimism I guard myself with. If I can't set and obtain certain goals the other 364 days of the year, then I better not try to set them every January 1st.

I propose that our ever disconnected society changes self focused resolutions to others focused resolutions.

It doesn't mean that we need to build a well in Africa. It can be simple acts of kindness that we make daily and a more conscious decision to contribute to the well-being of others throughout each day.

For me, it starts at home. I know what I can do at home to improve the lives of my husband and children.


I lack it and theses guys need it.

Therefore, I will do what is necessary to bite my tongue, take deep breaths, and walk away when I'd otherwise raise my voice and make demands. 

The truth can be ugly, but it is nevertheless the truth. What's the point, though, of me writing such a post without you knowing that I struggle, too. And even though I can calmly and patiently teach 20 something 1st graders all day, that there are days when I come home and give the worst part of myself to my own kids.

I've given some thought to my list for the year and it seems easy in theory, but I know it will be challenging in reality: patience, reach out to others who are hurting via the phone (gasp!), and making our care and share bags all year long.

I may not loose my muffin top and master vegan cooking, but I going to give this new approach a go.

What about you? Want to join me?

Happy New Year, Friends!

Much love,


Heather said...

I think that is a beautiful resolution. Sometimes it is so hard to deal with all the different personalities that a home fills. I think we could all use some improvement in this area. Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

its a perfect resolution.

likeschocolate said...

I don't really make resolutions; however I thought this year I would serve more because when you are in the service of your fellow man you are in the service of God. Also serving others takes the focus off oneself. May you have the patience to greet your family kindly!

Brooke said...

I love that when I visit here I feel like I am chatting with an old friend. And one that I can RELATE WITH SOOOOO well. I hear ya.... OMG... Do I need to keep my cool way more often. Its so hard, but I know you can do it!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Susan said...

This is brilliant.
And I am with you on resolutions...I do have "goals" but they were there the end of last year as well.
I need more patience! Where to start??

christina said...

love this! i am convinced it is boys. lol. I never ever have to yell or raise my voice with my daughter. she does whatever i ask the first time. now the boy on the other hand won't do a thing unless it is asked in a stern loud voice. lol.

also I am more tense the days i sub bc i personally feel like all i have done all day long is directed, and asked, and told multiple times for someone to do something/// that when i come home i don't want to to do that i just want some one to listen. the first time. lol

great post! hope your year is of to a good start!

hannah singer said...

YES. oh, how i love you! grateful for you! xo