Wednesday, January 30, 2013

let me take you to Nevis

Once a year, we get the opportunity to travel to locations that we'd never otherwise be able to explore. Kevin works his tail off to earn these trips each year. He would do it without the trip incentive as he is just that kind of guy. He puts the c in commitment, all aspects of his life. I have to say that I am not one to emote, but I am rather fond of my fellow.

We went by ourselves this year and enjoyed the chance to have some couple time. Minus not having our luggage until the last 24 hours of the trip, it went without a hitch. We snorkeled, swam with a sea turtle, rode wave runners through the channel to St. Kitts, and slept in like there was no tomorrow.

(Hello, Mr. Monkey)

While we could have griped and focused on our luggage-less selves, we chose to make the best of it and ride it out with a sense of humor like we do with all bumps, big or small, in our lives.

However, no matter how sparkling blue the ocean was, or how over indulged we were with sleep and delicious food, nothing beats being at home with my guys. 


It doesn't get any better.

Much love,


Joy Kinard said...

Fun! Who cares about a suitcase over in paradise? Glad you had some time together, and glad you're back!

Susan Liberatore said...

Eeeeek!! This looks (and sounds!) just amazing!
Congrats to your hubby on winning the incentive. I kinda miss these.

likeschocolate said...


Kelly said...

How fun. No luggage made it all the more exciting I'm sure.

christina said...

awwww glad you ahd fun! sleeping in ?!!! now that sounds like a vacation!

hannah singer said...

you are cute:)

Stephanie said...

Hey sweet friend! This getaway of yours sounds heavenly! What a blessing :)