Sunday, February 10, 2013

making the most of it

We were supposed to be up in Lake Arrowhead this weekend. However, sickness and a massive snowstorm interfered with our plans for fun. A crazy cop killer on the loose didn't help either.

My visions of snowball fights, sledding, and 1st time snowboarding for my boys were dashed and left me in a pool of disappointment.

These kind of experiences are my nirvana. I don't need fancy island get-aways at this point in our lives (although I'm thankful for them). I'm happy with our short trips to the mountains or Palm Desert. That is a significant bonus of living in So. Cal. We have the beach, mountains, and desert at our disposal. I don't take it for granted.

It takes my mood a while to shift when plans are changed. However, I came around and decided that we were going to thrive this weekend no matter what.

Disneyland is a quick fix for me.

It is my happy place. The other peeps in my fam enjoy it too.

 (after waiting a year, Charlie was finally tall enough for Indiana Jones)

Although, I think I am a closeted Disney fanatic, you won't catch me sporting a Mickey Mouse lanyard or license plate, but trust me, that love for Disney is screaming to be released.

I'll show restraint. Yes, I will.

When the euphoria of Disney wears off and the exhaustion of walking all day hits you like a freight train, you savor the next sleepy morning of coffee sipping and peaceful Lego building.

And, well, some not so peaceful brotherly love.

As the sun starts to shy away and you greet friends with pizza, garlic bread, and bagged salad because they are so super chill and realize that spending time together take precedence over fancy food, you know your life is good.

Much love,

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Lora said...

3 things about this post
1. i grew up in so. CA and we went to a cabin in Big Bear every year! that's super close to Lake Arrowhead, isn't it?
2. my 9 year old has the exact same black, white & red jacket as your son!
3. my boys love to play with LEGOs too! :)

sorry you didn't get to go on your getaway. but, that's so awesome that you're so close to Disneyland! i have so many wonderful memories going there as a child!

:) lora

Marie said...

lovely improvising there...looks like everyone had a great time. my boys love legos too:)

Joy Kinard said...

I am also a closeted Disney fanatic. I hide my pins in my top drawer. I pretend I am too cool for a lanyard.

Looks like the weekend delivered anyway! Have a good one!

Brooke said...

So glad you made the most of it and had a wonderful weekend. It was a bit cold for so. cal... was it not? Hope you are all on the mend and can reschedule that snow trip pronto :D HUGS

Flor said...

oh! i heard about that crazy person on the news.
looks like you managed to turn it into a pretty good weekend after all :)
i love that picture of charlie at the indiana jones ride.. he looks SO happy!

have a wonderful week.

and p.s.
just do it. just put on the mickey mouse ears and the shirts and the lanyard and just get it out of your system. you definitely wouldn't be the only one at d-land sportin' all that stuff and it will make the d-land experience even better :)

Katy {and Kahler} said...

looks like a blast! :)

Susan said...

How amazing is it that you can just pick up and go to Disney World??
Guess what we're finally getting? Lego Land! And it will be a 5 minute drive from home. Yay!

christina said...

nice about disney! loved the brotherly photo.

Melissa M. said...

My husband grew up in Fullerton and is a Disney fanatic too. I always enjoyed (and still enjoy) going there every couple of years. How are you doing? I haven't been in the blog world for so long but just posted a small update. I read your V-Day post too and we also had to cancel our plans as I was too sick to go out, but we made the best of it and had fun at home in our pajamas. :-)