Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tis' the season for shiny, brand spankin' new black cleats, stinky socks, and dirt covered boys.

I love every moment of it

Charlie (6) and Jack (5) are both playing T-ball together this year. One team makes for one happy mama. Same practice, same game schedule, and time to practice playing with each other and not against each other like they may or may not do at home. 
Seeing them out there in their uniforms makes them so official as big kids. 

Don't even get me started.

I'm weepy about seeing my two youngest babes like that. They may be more interested in playing around than playing the game, but that's what I love about T-ball. Actually, they played hard and I was proud. You know, the mama's heart bursting at the seams kind of proud. 

I'm a sucker for moments.
When spiked fevers and green snot seized the house, we relied on what we had in stock. In our casa it's rocks and minerals.

Which turned into a rock and mineral store. This teacher mama loves natural learning moments. Charlie wasn't messing around in his pricing. Who needs a lemonade stand anyway? That's so 1985.

Lady is starting to adjust. Our sweet girl is needing a lot of love and reassurance that we are the real deal. A good hairstyle makes all of girls feel better, right? Good thinking, Charlie. Now she just needs a mani and pedi for an extra self esteem boost.

Oh, and for the record I live with boys. Lots of them.

Further evidence...

I hope you have a fabulous week, friends. Enjoy the moments.

Much love,

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bailey j said...

the baseball shot are too cute. and of course the woopy cushion shot. classic lol

Sarah said...

Awww hope everyone is feeling better! I know just what you mean about them growing up, and how utterly adorable they are in their baseball gear, not to mention the dirt, sweat, etc. The fun of being a mom to boys!!!! I love it! And baseball season hasn't quite started here yet....another month or so. Can't wait!

Joy Kinard said...

This made me homesick for t-ball.

But not for whoopie cushions. :)

Have a good week friend!

Heather said...

I love the rock and mineral "store". When my kids were younger and wanted to make some money, they would gather up a bunch of stuff around the house and set up a store with prices. Usually the prices were outrageous, but I would gather up some change and haggle with them. I miss those days.

Melissa said...

Ah! THey look so big in those uniforms! I don't think there is anything more adorable then little boys in sports clothes!

Susan said...

Awww! How great is it that they're playing on the same team??
And I won't talk about the woopie cushion. I won't. Just to say, I'm not sure how many of those I have lying around this house! Boys and their toys I tell ya.

christina said...

score on the boys being on the same team! my sister has 3 boys and she is always at someones practice or game. always. lol

and yes the beloved whoppee cushion a fav in our house!

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

I am loving the rock store and would totally make a purchase. :) Hope everyone is feeling well! We just got rid of the funk here and it felt like it lasted foreva!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i had two little brothers and totally remember the whoopie cushion days. life is never dull with those around! have fun!! : )

Brhea {} said...

Aww how exciting for tball! I hope I have little boys someday because they look so so adorable in baseball uniforms (amongst other reasons) I am excited to follow your blog!

likeschocolate said...

Now I am jealous of your sunshine days! We have had rain, rain, and more rain.

Kelly said...

i feel the same way about football. isn't it fun living with boys...

Michele said...

Will is playing t-ball for the first time and it's so cute! Hope you have a good week!