Wednesday, March 20, 2013

was it supposed to be like this?

I think I had a Walt Disney version of parenting prior to having my 3 boys.

It took just one day home from the hospital with our 1st born to show me that all my cotton candy visions needed to be chucked out the window.

Frequently, I have to do a check and balance of this motherhood gig. What is my purpose? Am I doing okay or I am a total failure?

Tough days make me question what being a mother is all about even more.

Don't get me wrong. Though there are many special moments like reading favorite stories together at bedtime, baking chocolate chip cookies, and celebrating special occasions that make my motherhood title bold and proud, I know it is much more than that.

This week, being a mother means throw up buckets and Gatorade.

It means looking like a train wreck. Um, do you see my "fine" lines?

(in all my sick kid glory)

They are not so fine, but they are representing motherhood like none other.

So what if my unrealistic expectations vs. reality of motherhood have crashed head on? Does it change my definition of motherhood?

I suggest that it defines me even greater as a mother since motherhood is a journey filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Like me, you may ask, was it supposed to be like this?


All of it.

Much love,


likeschocolate said...

Yes, life is most definitely not a hallmark movie. I wouldn't change any of it because without the lowes the highs would not be merely so sweet.

christina said...

well said, as sit and type with a sick baby on my lap. at midnight.

Joy Kinard said...

I am with you. Disney goggles? I wore them. Boy, this deal is tough. The best kind of tough though. Hope your sickies feel better fast.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

While its the absolute best job on the planet, weeks like this one are hard on us mamas. Hang in there! Im right there with ya, doing the same things although mine is currently trying to get the fever to go down in girlie #2. :(

Laurie J said...

oh, mercy. puke and motherhood. yes, my sweet blog friend, I on earth could we be prepared for something like this?! But I love how you end it.
Hope he's better and that this has passed
<3 <3 <3