Thursday, May 9, 2013

guest posting at hannah's happy days

Hello Friends!

I know it has been awhile. Although I still read all my favorite blogs in the early morning while I drink my coffee, I have found that after teaching 1st graders and then tending to my family leaves me too exhausted to write. I miss it. Which is why I am SO excited to be over at Hannah's, Happy Days, with a  guest post about motherhood. I love Hannah to pieces. I'm sure you are familiar with her, but if not, please check out her beautiful blog here

Much love,


likeschocolate said...

We have missed you too, but I can only I imagine how exhausting your days are with working full time and caring for your sweet boys! Have a great week!

hannah singer said...

katie, loved having you today!
xo happy mother's day, sweet friend. grateful for you.

christina said...

off to read!

Joy Kinard said...

oh katie girl.


just yesterday as I was doing the laundry and making beds and washing dishes and scrubbing bathrooms and working puzzles for the thousandth time, I found myself feeling like a failure.

a little grace won't hurt a thing.

happy weekend friend. i do miss you.


Susan said...

You are amazing.
That is all. xo