Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's been awhile

We're in full summer mode. The end of the school year was nuts. NUTS. NUTS. NUTS. Is there anyway to make it less crazy? We finished t-ball and then went full force into the eye of the end of the year storm: parties, awards, and the performances. I super love all of that for sure. After all, I teach 1st grade kiddos, but it all leaves me exhausted. Are you with me? If not, can we agree that you'll keep it to yourself to preserve the mental stability of us worn out mamas?

 (Jack's pre-k class performing a rainbow song...he's in purple)

 (Luke holding the "clap" sign)

(Luke's 4th grade award ceremony)

Summer has consisted of VBS, swimming, cub scouts bridging ceremony, movies, swimming, board games, swimming and a little more swimming on top of that.

 (Luke had the honor of switching Charlie from a tiger to a wolf)

 (Luke and his best friend getting ready for a skit)

Summer days are sometimes trying, but they are always the best

Happy summer to each of you!

Much love,


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Hi! Welcome Back! I totally understand. I feel like my summer has been crazy. I am hoping it will slow down just a little so I can enjoy it! Have a great week!

Susan said...

Happy Summer! Always checkin' in on you!
Mine are still in school. Izzy's last exam was today {!} and Jules finishes up Thurs.
Cannot wait for no more packed lunches.

Joy Kinard said...

I miss you friend! Glad you're busy with Summer.

Sarah said...

That's so cute that his brother got to cross him over to a Wolf!