Saturday, June 26, 2010

Charlie's 4th birthday

Today was Charlie’s 4th birthday party and let me tell you... it was a P-A-R-T-Y.

I have lots of favorite things. However, combining two of my favorite things like peanut butter and chocolate is beyond words.

Today's combination of favorites: Charlie + party = PURE JOY.

I’ve been planning for 6 weeks.

Making lists of guests, food, activities, etc.

Drawing a schematic for the party layout for my ever so helpful hubby. (Thanks to my in-laws for letting us borrow their expansive yard for the day).

Shopping, shopping and more shopping. I was on a 1st name basis with the peeps at Costco, Party City, Target, and I hate to admit even Walmart. Every time I’m there, I swear it is the last. I think I mean it this time.

And just like the night before Christmas, we had everything neatly laid out.

Then it was party day and the pumped up kids, big and small, arrived for a day of:

Water fun

Otter Pops to cool off from the summer heat

What Luau would be complete without LIMBO?

A place for peace and quiet

A pinata that would not break despite the strongest of hitters

Food and drinks to fill our bellies

Then there was the cake. I’ve done cupcakes in the past. I wanted to go big time this year. I searched online and I found “The One". Just as when I met Kevin and I knew he was “The One” so I knew this cake was "it" by my rapidly beating heart and sudden onset of euphoria.

Check out the smoke. Ok, it is dry ice, but the kids all called it smoke. And it was cool. Super cool. I think I’m in love. Yes, with a cake.

Did I mention that I had Kevin do the decorating? I can bake, but I left the artistic abilities to him. And he rocked!

And as the children ran about, giggled, and consumed more sugar than they should have, I thought, “This is the best party yet.” I say that every time.

So I get to savor the next few days of my Charlie being 3. There is something huge about turning 4. It just seems SO big compared to 3. But like all of life’s changes, we’ll welcome 4 with an open embrace and look forward to the next chapter in my sweet guy’s life.


Mommy of three said...

What a GREAT party!!! And that cake is amamzing! Smoke???? Yep, you rocked it!
Love from,

Russell said...

AMAZING party!

Stephanie said...

We had the best time ever, thank you so much!!! Your planning did not go unappreciated I am assure you!

MA said...

Best kid party ever. And the cake was a "10". Lots of hard work and love went into that party and it paid off. Good job Katie.

Mama Monster said...

Awww great job mama!!!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Tina said...

I'm sorry we missed it. It looks like it was the best party ever! Happy birthday Charlie.