Monday, June 14, 2010


I am suffering from a serious case of Momnesia. I can’t remember anything. Saying I’m forgetful is putting it lightly.

Two days ago I walked upstairs to grab a jacket for one of my kids and I ended up putting a pile of laundry away. We drove off without the jacket…it was still in the closet. Momnesia.

I put the milk in the cupboard, but caught myself. Chuckling at my action, I turned around and put it in the FREEZER! Momnesia.

Driving to the Wild Animal Park the other day, I was telling my two youngest boys that this was our 1st time going there in...wait...I couldn’t remember. Did we ever take our youngest? When did our season passes last expire? I couldn’t recall. Momnesia.

My boys ask me questions all the time (which kids don’t?) and 70% of the time I answer, “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember.” Momnesia.

I find myself about to do something or say something and then I stop midway. I can’t remember what it was. Momnesia.

We forget the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and labor. Momnesia.

I used to always ask my mom questions about when I was little and remember her saying, “I can’t remember.” Somewhat offended and shocked, I remember asking her, “HOW can you NOT remember?!” Momnesisa.

Our mothers seem to have forgotten the pain and discomfort of raising children. My mom seems to only remember the good times. She’ll often say, “You children never fought” or “You children were such good sleepers.”

You see, she has Momnesia too.


KelleEvil said...

Hahahahah I can relate!!!

Ryan Chaffin said...

It's not just moms...I relate to the jacket and milk scenarios.