Thursday, May 10, 2012

i've got that crafty feeling

I had my 4th graders make magnets as a part of their Mother's Day gifts. This is a perfect project for little ones, too. Charlie, my 5 year old, decided he wanted to make one and give it to his teacher. As a teacher, I can tell you that I can never have enough magnets!

Cut small squares of scrapbook paper. Paper with small prints and bold colors work best.

Let it set.

It works best when you have lots of paper options. You can also use pictures from magazines.

 Cut around the marble (flat on one side) when it is dry and then use glue to adhere magnet and let dry.

Final product...

I wish you each a very Happy Mother's Day!

Much love,

p.s. My lastest contribution is up at Beautifully Rooted. I'd love for you to stop by and give it a read.


theolivetree said...

love it!

Susan said...

I love this idea!
So cute and it looks simple enough for non-crafty me to make! :)

Melissa said...

So cute! I am so going to be making these so I can take down our random plumber magnet! :)

Your Doctor's Wife said...

So cute!
Left you some blog love..

carissa at lowercase letters said...

this is right up my alley! love. you smart thing, you!

the lowes said...

i think i may make these for teacher gifts!!! so cute!! :)

Jennifer said...

Very cute...thanks for sharing. :-)

Laurie J said...

these magnets rock! i made a bunch last year. a big, belated happy mothers day to you!

Anonymous said...

I love this craft! We've done this before at home with kids magazines and the kids loved cutting out cartoon characters faces and stuff. Thanks for sharing! This is such a simple craft and so easy for moms to do at home!