Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day 2012

Memorial Day beckoned us to our home away from home. We joined a large group of friends for an annual beach day in San Clemente. It didn't matter that some the kids didn't know each other because all kids speak the universal language of play. Give them sand, salty ocean water, tide pools, crabs, and each other and they are set.

We arrived early enough to beat the crowds. Early enough translates to boys wearing winter pajamas and boots to stay warm and Kevin kindly suggesting that maybe I should not talk to anyone until my coffee starts to take effect. He was so on target, I just laughed. I am not a morning person.

Jack cracks me up. He was intently trying to figure out the point of this game. I finally shouted down to him, "Jack you have to toss it!" All was well after that.
My boys are fluent in play.

Jack tried to pull a Charlie on the boogie board, but the rocks prevented him from shredding it up. He wasn't too happy about that.
Don't fret, he bounced back. Kids have a remarkable knack for that.
The kids disappeared into the forest several times. Our oldest, Luke, was crowned Master. It must be nice to have little ones follow you and call you Master all day long. I think I'll try that one of these days.

I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Did you do anything fun? I must put our fun day aside for a moment to say that I'm so grateful for those who have served and sacrificed on our behalf. 

Now I'm off to finish watching House Hunters before another week of teaching begins. Hugs to you!

Much love,


Erin said...

Awesome pics of a beautiful day! Hang in there...summer vacation is just around the corner!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Amazing pics!!! True Cali boys for sure!

Joy Kinard said...

Katie, I MUST come visit you. Your land is so swoony over on that side!

likeschocolate said...

Love beaches that have little areas to explore.

Grace said...

Hi Katie. I'm not a morning person either, lol. That's exactly how we would have spent our Memorial Day if we were back home {SD}, sad. Anyway. Hope you're having a good week.

Mamasita said...

I love it!!!!
I would have been right in there.. I am also fluent in "PLAY!" Especially if it involves ocean water! :) oh yes, and boogie boards!
Glad you had a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

christina said...

house hunters my kind of girl!

Boy I wish Missouri had an ocean!...looks like a lovely day!!

Jessica said...

I love how you describe your boys! I wish adults spoke "play" as well as kids do!

Susan Liberatore said...

I'm so not a morning person either!
Love, love, love the pictures in this post. So fun.

Julia said...

we checked out a waterfall we hadn't seen before and had a pool day too. you said it so well--kids are fluent in play!

Adrian said...

All of these pictures are great! I really love that your boys are still wearing their Christmas pjs...mine are too. It looks like you had a lovely holiday weekend.
p.s. I'm watching House Hunters right's so addicting.

Our Little Bubble said...

Your trip (and the previous one too) look like so much fun. I'm jealous! Great pics!

Melissa said...

Great pics and I LOVE the Christmas PJ's at the beach!