Thursday, October 14, 2010

For Reals

I have to admit that I compare myself to other moms all the time. I am never crafty enough, thin enough, made up enough, or Martha Stewart enough. The list in my head goes on and on.

To be honest, I especially feel this way after reading some of my favorite blogs, which are truly amazing blogs. However, there are times when I read about all the crafting, cooking, and successful child rearing these gifted women are able to accomplish and I ask myself one simple question.

"What in the world am I doing so wrong?"

I get it. They are optimistic, glass half full people. So am I most of the time. They are using their writing to encourage others, share creative ideas and fun experiences. And, I am certain that they have challenging days too.

I get it.

However, on certain days, I don't like it. Simply because my days don't roll that way all the time. Some days do. But to be real, many don't.

My days look more like this:

The robotic motion of unloading, loading, unloading ,loading...

Load, wash, dry, and fold...

Some days my kids get the best organic can offer. Other days, it is these and I don't even need to make excuses...

On desperate days, and there are many(just sayin'), the middle kid watches TV and plays games on my i-phone so I can get things done or rest for a few minutes while Jack naps. Gasp! Please don't call CPS.

(May I add that white fireplace tiles circa 1996 are on their way out in a few weeks!)

And this kid. Oh this kid. He's such a handful. Don't get me wrong. I L-O-V-E him to death. I'd instantly jump in front of a speeding train for him. But, he is killing me. Can anyone say timeout?

Oh, and by the way,I spared a pic of the dog poop I scooped. You're welcome.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I have the glass half full mentality most of time, but then there are the moments when I just need to be real and realize that life has ups and downs. I need to let go of that need to compare and feel like I should be "more" and of my ideal thoughts of doing it all well all the time. And then I roll with it because that's life and we get one shot at it so we need to make it good.


Janna said...

Oh how your life resembles my own!! I'm right there with you girl! So when you think that folding one more pair of socks is going to put you over the edge, just think of me. I'm probably going through the same stuff. Dog poop, messy house, stuff under my bed, dirty mininvan, crazy kids and all.

AMedina said...

OMG- the white tile. Please post what you do to it. I think it was standard issue in CA as I have the EXACT SAME TILE around mine and don't know how to get rid of it/ what to do to it.

missmehoneybee said...

I love your blog because you are so REAL! Its nice to feel like there are other moms out there who don't have it all together all the time, however, I think you have got it really together considering THREE BOYS! My husband says, " Anybodys life can look perfect in blogland". Its so true, you can really make things look pretty perfect by posting all the good stuff.

katie said...

I'll post pics when the fireplace is done. Who thought white tile was okay???!!!

MA said...

Katie, don't short change yourself. You are an exceptional mom and the rewards you will earn for the sacrifices you are making now will be well worth it. I am proud of you and allllllllll that you do.