Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Freak-Lovin' the Anticiapation of Halloween

I am a freak for traditions.

I am a freak for holidays.

I am a freak for family outings.

And one day my kids will be teenagers and think I'm a real freak and no longer want to share my freakish excitement for all the above.

So I relish in this time of having my little ones because one day they will be taller than me, know more than me, and go through the phase of being way too cool for me.

As many of you know, I say, "Go big or go home." And I mean it. So this fall we've prepped for Halloween in many ways. We've spookified our house and pumpkin patched ourselves out.

Here's the low-down:

Party City in Laguna Hills
: Okay, this one lacks the quaint charm of a "real" pumpkin patch, but for a mom desperate to get the kids out of the house while the hubs was gone on a long work trip, it did the trick...

Lavendar Hills Farm
with cousin Maddie: This is our local small town pumpkin patch. It was a perfect misty fall day. One that we don't see often in So Cal. The boys ran, searched for the perfect pumpkin, ran some more, listened to me shout, "Stop playing soccer with the pumpkins!," and swung from a tree swing.

I want that tree. Now. I really do.

And let me tell you that my guys took their pumpkin pickin' seriously. The rule was, "If you can lift it, you can buy it." So just like the sword in the stone, we watched Luke search for the largest pumpkin and lift with all his might.

Two super cool things about this place:
1. It is not over saturated with pumpkin pickers or commercialism. No pony rides or bounce houses here peeps.
2. The husband and wife owners rock! They like to educate as you purchase. We picked a variety from France and another from Australia. Who knew? The wife also names several pumpkins in the patch every year. Love it!

Bate's Nut Farm in Valley Center
with my brother and his family:

Why is it so stinkin' hard to get everyone to look at the camera at once???

And the grand finale...The Spencer Halloween Party! I'll be back in a few days with pics.


Mommy of three said...

I love Lavender Hills Farm. They have such pretty pumpkins!
That picture of all the pumpkins is really beautiful.
And every year I want to take the kids to Bates, but we never manage to make it down there on time.
I love seeing all your festivities.

Stephanie said...

So adorable! I love the sound of Lavendar Hill Farm. That place looks amazing, kind of like South Coast Farms on San JuanCapistrano. They have butter churning and all sort of pilgrim fun on the weekends! See you soon!! Enjoy this great time if year!