Monday, October 25, 2010

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream Halloween!

Mission Accomplished: Halloween Party 2010


It is over.

It was a huge success and all the hard work and weeks of preparation were worth it.

The most amazing thing? That all littles could come. No sick kids this year.

The biggest flop? My i-phone pics. I'm so bummed that I didn't take the time to get out my regular camera. Oh, well!

Biggest lessons learned? Plan ahead. Cook ahead. Bake ahead. Shop without children in tow.

Here's the low down:

Weeks before: Made my lists, bought stickers, take out boxes for cupcakes, plates, pinata, etc. That way there wasn't any rushing from store to store towards the end of Oct. when many of the items might have been sold out.

Day before:

*baked cupcakes-check
*baked corn bread muffins-check
*boiled eggs-check
*cleaned house-check
*had overflowing counters and refrigerator full of party items-check
*pinata filled-check
*dog bones for "Find the Bones" spray painted-check

Day of:

*Kept kids outside and out of trouble-check
*costumes on-check
*witches brew made (cranberry limeade with vodka)-check
*apps made-check (think of things Halloweeny looking...spinach dip, Halloween chips and goolish guacamole, and blood shot deviled eggs)-check
*homemade turkey chilli-check
*pizza dough rolled and ready-check

And then our local friends from long ago high school days and their kiddos arrived.

The littles ranges from 6 months to 9 years...


"Find the Bones"

Here I am giving the teacher in me speech. Something along the lines of..."Big kids don't trample the littles. Be a good sport and don't cry if you don't get the most!" Actually, it was much softer, but you get the drift.

And then they were off...

Spider Web Pizza Making...

Pinata Breaking...

Cupcake/Take Home Box Decorating (one to eat for dessert and one to take home)...

Sign that it was a spooktacular party? All 3 of my early risers slept past 7:00 a.m.!!!!

Here's wishing you a Happy Halloween. May you receive no tricks and LOTS of treats!

Much love,


The Mama Monster said...

Looks like it turned out amazing!!!! Yay!

~The Mama Monster

AMedina said...

Where was my invite?! LOL- you inspire me. Maybe one year I'll be brave enough to throw a party for the kids...maybe not...

Brooke G. said...

What CUTE ideas!!! I love they eyeball eggs and the Pizza - how fun!!! Looks like you all had a BLAST :D

Jen said...

Wow, you know how to throw a party!

Mommy of three said...

I am tired just looking at this. But it looks like a blast! Love all your ideas/
Love from,

Stephanie said...

Love it!! How did I miss this blog entry!? Such amazing detail you put into the party. I am sure everyone really appreciates it! You are just the greatest mom ever and such an inspiration to us all!! Happy Halloween!!!!