Wednesday, December 22, 2010

changing up christmas traditions

I strive do a lot for my kids at Christmas. For me, it is like wanting to blow up a balloon to the point of bursting. However, I should clarify that I am not talking about expensive gifts and over the top activities. That is not for me.

It is the little things that count.

Many of the things I do are typical: gingerbread houses, cookie decorating, and hot cocoa while watching Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Standard and simple.

Although, I know most you do the same, it is still special. I did the same activities when I was a little girl and there is something magical when you get to pass down the warm and fuzzy experiences with your own littles.

In addition to recreating memories from my childhood, I've added some of my own. I'm a reader. I especially love children's literature. I guess that partially explains the whole teaching thing.

My initial plan was to cuddle with my 3 guys while reading one new book from our Christmas book basket each night. However, that plan only lasted for 1-2 years. Now their bedtimes are different, they each want a different book, and I don't care to end the day in a battle. Most importantly, I don't want their memories of our tradition to be of one crazy mama belting out, "I want everyone to sit down on the couch right now so I can read this Christmas book dang it."

So in very atypical Katie form, I've flexed and changed it up. Now each guy picks his separate book and gets his usual 1-1 reading time with me at night. Part of me thinks that was what all the fuss was about to begin with. They have grown accustomed to that bedtime routine.

So I had to put aside my vision of cozy cuddles by the fireplace. After all, it is not how I feel about the tradition that is important. It is letting them have a voice in the creation of the traditions that will fill their hearts with warm memories when they are big.

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The Mama Monster said...

Great job as usual mama!!! Merry Christmas to your adorable family!