Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forever My Baby

Well, Mr. Jack-Jack. It is official. You are a big boy now. No longer are you grouped in the toddler bunch. Sir, you are categorized as a "preschooler". Yeah, you won't be starting real preschool until next fall, but the fancy parent mags and mommy websites put you there, so there you have it.

However, Jack, you will forever be my baby.

I was the last baby, too, and I never understood why a few of Grandma's friends insisted on calling me "Baby Katie"...even when I was 16.

Now I get it. When you are the last one, the mamas in the world want to cling to you. You are the last one to hold the memory of sweet newborn scents, folded ankle skin, and early morning coos.

Yes, I get it now.

But, you are 3 and I will let you be a big boy as you are meant to be. But in my heart, you will forever be my baby.

Love you Jack-Jack. Forever,

Your Mama

P.S. Year 2 in review: you have been a daredevil on your scooter. Yellow is your favorite color and "no!" is your favorite word. You have a perfect leg extension and squat trick that crack us up. You love anything Star Wars. You have the drama thing down pat. You know just how to breathe like Darth Vader and fall to your death with pure Academy Award winner flare. You love your food, your brothers, and playing at the park. However, you have not warmed up to Sunday School or the gym kids' club. Your blanky doggy and paci go everywhere with you, but we've been having some chats about the paci fairy. Rock n' Roll is your radio request and you love to help me bake. You are a sports guy and even got to participate at Charlie's soccer practices. Because of your size, you held your own with those big kids. And even though you are gigantic and look like you are twice your age, you say things like, "Mama, what this is?" and you remind me that you are still a little guy.


Brooke G. said...

Happy Birthday to your little, er I mean BIG GUY! :D My baby turned three a few months ago. I am still not sure I have accepted it :D booo hoo.....

Stephanie said...

Oh man, three?? It goes too fast. I feel like an old person saying that but it is soooo true! Our guys will be 8,6 and 3 in the spring? There's no way. Sure you don't want another baby Katie??? Happy Birthday to sweet Jack. They all will always be our babies.

MA said...

I can still hear you say "He is such a delightful baby" in those infancy days. And he is, though not a baby any more, he is still a delight. How did the first night go wo/paci?

missmehoneybee said...

What sweet pictures and you look amazing after having a baby. HA. You should see my pics. :( Not so much. My lil guy turns one on Tuesday and I'm almost a little sad at how fast its going but so looking forward to all thats to come. Happy Birthday Jack and Good work Momma.