Sunday, January 2, 2011

i see the light

Today we renewed our passes to Legoland.

It's been a year since we've been; for a very good reason.

Last year it was 3 kids, 6 and under. It took a lot of work. Diaper bagging, stroller pushing, and tantrum throwing. I know you get it.

One year later, we were stroller free, sippy cup free, and diaper free.

One word...AMAZING.

(Sorry for iphone pics-dang I've already broken one goal for 2011.)

It was so easy and enjoyable. Not that we didn't squeeze out all the fun possible before. Because we did. We're those kind of people.

And although my heart would melt a little, okay a lot, when I saw mamas holding their little babes, I know that we are movin' forward and I have peace about it.

We're a good group of 5. It has a good ring to it.

The Fabulous 5.

The Spencer 5.

Party of 5.

Just the 5 of us.

Me likey 5. I'm a content mama.


Four Flights said...

Party of Five! One of my favorite shows of all time :) We love Legoland, never thought of getting passes though. How fun. p.s. a while back you asked where I get my white dishes from...all over actually. Flea market, Kohl's, Crate & Barell, Home Goods, you name it. If it's white and has good lines and fits within budget, I don't discriminate :)

Mommy of three said...

There are perks to them getting bigger, aren't there? I dream of a day when I don't have to buckle 1 car seat.
Congratulations on moving forward!
Love from,