Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i should get paid for this

I L-O-V-E the rain.

The sound. The sight. The smell.

I have wishful thoughts of living in Portland or Seattle. I could hack it. I know I could. No doubt.

I am especially grateful for what the rain produces: vivid green grass, moody skies, and an excuse for extra movie watching, sweat wearing, and hot cocoa drinking.

However those favorites only last a short minute in my house before all chaos breaks loose. My guys have a lot of energy. A lot. As in, I wish I could pad all the walls in my house and lock myself in a sound proof room on rainy days. Anyone else with me???

Despite my crush on rainy days, my kids don't deal well with home confinement. Suddenly I turn from Mary Poppins into Mrs. Hannigan (sans intoxication).

After a bit of crafting...

and staring at the dishes I was avoiding putting away like a case of mad cow disease...

I got my second wind. We brought out a new Christmas toy that all kids should have.

No Joke. All. Kids. Should. Have. I'm hard core on this one.

Check it...

And just as they were starting to knock each other's creations down, I spotted some rays of sunlight peering through the slider.

Just in time. The rain knows me and my limitations so well. We're good like that.


Leah said...

being in nor cal there is just a little too much rain for me :( i wish it knew my limitations .... ha

those blocks look cool. i'll have to check 'em out

Janna said...

Girl I'm right there with ya! I used to live in Seattle and don't remember going this crazy being confined. But then again we had a downstairs playroom and my youngest was an infant. Now it's different. They drive me crazy when we're cooped up inside. It's more confinement than the rain that got to me last week.

AMedina said...

We just got the game Marbulous for Christmas. It is super awesome and the boys LOVE creating with it. Check it:
You can build all kinds of contraptions!

katie said...

I'll check it out. Anything with building is great for my guys. You understand. : )