Tuesday, March 27, 2012

impact of the heart

I sometimes ponder what impact I'd have if I gave everything up to move to a 3rd world country. It sounds drastic, but I wonder what I could I do that is of great significance to benefit the lives of others.

I read stories of brave men and women who sense their calling and give it a go.

They don't look back, but rather they keep their eyes fixed on the work set before them.

And in those moments, I stare at the pile of laundry on my bed and the day old socks on the stairs that tell me that Luke forgot to put his socks in his hamper...again. In those moments, my life seems insignificant compared to what many others are doing to bring love and hope to those who have lost all sense of love and hope.

However, God frequently reminds me that in His eyes, it is not the distance traveled or the boldest moves that He measures, but rather it is the distance our hearts are willing to go.

So when our youth pastor and his wife shared with the church that their soon to be born son will be born with a severe heart defect, which will require immediate surgery after birth, my heart knew it was time to pack its bags and take action.

Since she is traveling to San Diego twice a week, I brought her a couple of meals so she won't need to cook on those days this week. I am not a chef, but the help of a Pinterest recipe and my favorite turkey chili recipe, my heart traveled far. Cooking for others is way out of my comfort zone, but leaving our comfort zone to provide comfort of the heart for others is far more important.

Their son will need multiple surgeries. Even with the surgeries, his prognosis is not what any parent would want to hear. You can follow their story here.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Much love,


Betsi* said...

I'm glad you're able to be there for this mama in need. Just think, if you were off in some other country, maybe no one would have thought to bless her with something so practical and necessary.
There are no small callings. And motherhood is one of the most impacting there is. Like Jesus, we live with our "disciples" everyday. Think about that!

bonbon said...

Very sweet post. Something my mom always taught me is that you can do good WHEREVER you are. Sometimes we feel like we have to be in a third world or in the midst of great poverty, but there are people in poverty all aroudn us all the time, although it might no be the kind of poverty we would first think of. A beautiful post and a good reminder to always be looking for ways to help and be less selfless! Thanks!

new follower :)

likeschocolate said...

I think it is sometimes easy to do the grand gestures, but it is harder to do the things that might be inconvient. She will love the meals. You couldn't have given her a better gift. I know since I am a mom who walked her path. It is a blessing not to have to worry about what to eat when you have greater things to worry about.

Linda Z said...

I think that there are "go-ers" and "senders." What's important is that we listen for the call of Jesus and we obey. I know that family will be so blessed in your obedience. I hope all goes well for their precious little one.

Laurie J said...

doing what we can do. where we are. being willing to go physically if that's what He asks of us......YES, katie. thanks for sharing! <3 i'm totes praying for stephen!

Michele said...

Thoughts and prayers for this sweet family. I feel like by living my "comfortable" life that I sometimes miss out on God's plan for the world, but then I see opportunities, like the one you shared, to help, give and serve. I think I need to look for those opportunities more. Thanks for the reminder.

Brooke said...

I love your writing. I always feel the honesty, tenderness, and love coming through. The things we do to help, even if small, are big to someone. HUGS

Susan said...

I absolutely agree with you here. How to help comes to different people in different ways. I know I couldn't pick up and leave my family to help out in Haiti but I can help someone locally in some small way.
It is amazing what you are doing for this family in need. I can't imagine what they are going through. I will visit their site.

Nessa Bixler said...

You don't have to travel around the world to help others. People who do are blessings - but so are people who help their neighbors.

Prayers for your Pastor.

Jessica Johnson said...

Praying. So hard when things don't turn out as expected. You are a good friend, girl.

hannah singer said...

praying for your friends!! xo

Marie said...

you go girl! this is me to a T! don't feel guilty or ponderous about if you are "too comfy". there is enough real needs in our immediate area to keep our serving hearts busy if we are willing to start doing:)