Thursday, March 1, 2012

rising up

Hi Friends,

So much has changed in the last month. Getting the chance to write and edit photos simply cannot be fit in between work and time with my family. I miss having the time throughout the week to sit on my favorite spot on the couch and create words.

Create stories.

Create memory catching records for my 3 boys.

But, I know that this is a time of transition. I can roll with it because change is simply one thing about life that we cannot change, right?

I am learning that with change, you grow. You push yourself beyond what you thought was capable. Change opens your eyes to see your life in a new perspective. Perhaps it isn't new. Rather it was there, but you were so used to what was that you couldn't see it.

Prior to returning to teaching as a long-term substitute for a 4th grade class, I would wake up when the boys woke up. Because I am such a night owl, I would peel my eyes open at 6:30 and sit in a coma on my sofa until I had my morning cup of happy.

However, I now set my alarm and wake up when it is pitch black so I can be in my classroom by 7:00. I pack the boys' lunches and put out their clothes, but Kevin feeds them and takes them to school.

I get to see them throughout the day. Although I want to hug Luke when I spot him lining up with his 3rd grade class, I know better. I just watch him instead while my heart aches a bit for missing my mornings with him.

My classroom is close to Charlie's kindergarten classroom, so once a week I bring my lunch in there while they do math centers.

Fortunately, Jack attends the school's preschool so he's on campus too.

After school they come in and hang out while I work. Some days it works perfectly. Other days, I take away privileges, pack my bag with everything possible that I can do at home, and head out since they are kids and sitting in Mom's classroom after a whole day of school is not easy.

I get it.

When we get home, I grade while they play. We have dinner together. And the former night owl in me now crashes at 8:00 p.m.

Yes, things have changed. I've learned though that life does not have to be one certain way to enjoy it and make it the best life possible. Although I am exhausted and miss the kids, I love my job. I love the process of teaching. I love that each student is such an individual. I love the community of a classroom. I love being with other adults during the day. I love pursuing a passion outside of the home while maintaining my passion for raising my boys.

It is a challenge I will continue to face until summer, but I'm rising up to it as best as possible.

Rising up.

I hope you are rising up today too.

Much love,


casey leigh said...

So very proud of you! I have often found myself wondering during my day about your transition. I pray that you will continue to find balance and joy in the months ahead.

Marie said...

it can sometimes seem that just when you get the "routine" down pat, or you fully adjust to the "stage" your in, God changes things...i love that you aren't sad or angry or irritated, but joyfully embracing the changes that He brings your way. what a testimony that can hearten us all:)

have an awesome week!

Rachael said...

you are amazing~

Erin said...

Where He guides, He provides... Praise God for the grace he has poured out on you to do so much so well!

Karen said...

With the boys being at the same school, you have the best of both worlds! Things sound like they are working very well for you Katie! (except that I miss you)

Mamasita said...

sounds like a big transition... but with perks! :) like getting to see your babies during school and of course, after... Summer break is going to be such a TREAT for you!
Hang in there girly!
Way to GO!
Lots of love,

Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

that's awesome that you can see each of your boys through out the day! :)
we are going through changes here too...good changes!

Laurie J said...

way to go! thanks for the challenge to rise up <3 <3 <3

xo katrina said...

you are awesome, katie!!! and so lucky to be able to teach at the same school your children attend. that is such a blessing in itself!