Monday, June 18, 2012

don't steal our summer mojo

As school ended on Friday, I said good-bye to 27 4th graders with a mix of feelings stirring within me. The summer fever had hit my students hard about a week prior to school ending and each day was a bit painful. However, giving them their final hugs and well-wishes for a fun summer and fabulous year in 5th grade made me sad. Good-byes are never easy.

Instead of a night of deep sleep, I was up with Jack all night long. I repeat, ALL NIGHT LONG. He was crying and restless due to a sore throat and cough. I finally gave up at 3:30 a.m. and brought him downstairs to play so I could at least rest on the couch. The good news: I fell asleep. The bad news: I have no idea how long he played! That's okay though; mama getting sleep equals world peace in our casa.

Despite a summer cold trying to steal the kick off to our summer, we rocked Saturday.

We like to pride ourselves on our ability to make the best of less than ideal situations.

So we found the good and used it it up like there was no tomorrow.

No summer cold is going to steal our summer mojo. Summer is speaking its language here through words of wet swim trunks drying in the sun, cold ice-tea, big pools and little pools, the beach, and lazy mornings.

 (Yes, Mr. Street Safety Man, we plan to take it slow. Very slow.) 

 What says summer in your neck of the woods?

Enjoy your week!

Much love,


Joy Kinard said...

Looks like fun! We love the water here too! Enjoy your Summer.

Vivian said...

Know that the kids feel the same way about good bye. My daughter still talks about her 2nd grade teacher and how much she misses her. After all she spend more time with her than me. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

likeschocolate said...

Sorry you guys have been sick! I think it is totally going around. I know so many people sick including myself. Happy Summer! Glad lazy days are coming your way!

Susan Liberatore said...

My kids are in summer mode already as well. It's painful getting them there.
Isabella leaves for Ottawa (grade 8 grad trip) tomorrow! Yikes.
It's funny how we try to go big and meanwhile kids just love the simple things. A good watergun fight always goes a long way.

christina said...

yeah for summer!!!! boo for sick kiddos :(

sleep for this mama means world peace too!! :)

Jen said...

We started our summer with colds too! It seems immoral to get a cold when it so hot outside. Love the pics. your summer looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Rachael said...

I am dealing with summer colds now! no fun!