Wednesday, June 27, 2012

surfing 101

It was always a vision of mine that Kevin would teach our boys how to surf.

Like Father, like Son.

However, Kevin had several lymph nodes removed when he had melanoma, which has made him susceptible to an infection that has landed him in the hospital in the past. The bacteria in the ocean is no bueno for a guy who has missing lymph nodes apparently.

Bummer for Kevin. Bye-Bye surfing. Sniff, sniff...

Thank goodness, we have Uncle Russell. Every family should have a young, single uncle. They get the title of "fun" more often than not.

He asked me to bring the boys to the beach so he could get them on his board.
He didn't have to twist my arm.

Luke was staying with my parents so it was just Charlie and Jack. They are two peas in a pod. Well, when they are not fighting, that is.
Charlie even stood up, but the wipe-out was enough to draw him back to building sandcastles.

Jack didn't quite make it up, but he found plenty of other ways to squeeze the fun out of the experience.
I love seeing my kids try something new. I'm sure it won't be long before they are out again.

Happy summer to you!

Much love,


Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

so much fun!! awesome that your boys have a "fun" uncle! my boys do too! :)

Susan said...

Love this.
I wish we had a {hot} single uncle around. I'm sorry...I had to!!!!
I really do want to learn how to surf.

Flor said...

oh, how i miss the beach and watching the surfers out there!
your pictures gave me flashbacks to when we lived out there
your little boy looks adorable on the surfboard! :)

likeschocolate said...

Your not a true Californian unless you have been on a board at least one. Glad you are enjoying summer!

Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

How fun!! That's awesome he was able to stand up. Can't wait till my boys are that age.

christina said...

oh fun fun fun! my little sister is 17 .. .she is loads of fun to a 5 and 3 year ... don't worry I keep telling her that when she has kids mine will be grown and paybacks suck :)!

Julia said...

so fun! I grew up near the ocean--miss it so much! what a fun way to enjoy the summer :)

Karen Fieri said...

I love the pics of Jack sitting and riding the wave :) Wyatt has become obsessed with surfing... we ought to go together and Anthony can bring your boys out in the water.

casey leigh said...

Evan wants to learn to surf so badly!! Maybe surf camP next summer.. But it terrifies me!! We have serious sharks in the Atlantic... Letting go stinks ;) you have the best mommy attitude!