Wednesday, June 20, 2012

on the way to botox

I have suffered from chronic migraines for 9 years. They were once daily for three years straight.

Yes, you just read that correctly.

So after years of various natural and medical treatments, I've made the leap into the land of Botox.

As I was driving there, the sudden awareness of what I was about to do settled in. The thought of getting injected several times into my scalp, face, and neck was a bit unnerving.

Once I arrived, the doctor came in and he talked to me about the procedure. It was then that he dropped some unsolicited beauty advice.

He told me that the injections would also remove the lines on my forehead.

I have seen him for several years and I never applauded his not so gentle bedside matter.

However, I was thinking, "Look Dude, I'm 34 not 100! Let's talk about your wrinkles which you asked me nothing about. Or perhaps we can talk about your plan for your receding hairline!"

So my thoughts quickly transitioned to needles piercing my scalp, jaw, and neck to a preoccupation with my "fine" lines.

So now I'm looking at the bright side to chronic migraines: Botox for migraine treatment and looking like a Real Housewife of Orange County.

I'll let you know if I can move my eyebrows in a few days.

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Much love,


christina said...

ok so if it wasn't for my fear of needles trumping my fear of wrinkles...I would be all over botox!

hope the helps with the headaches friend!!!

april@gingerbread said...

oh my gosh headaches every day sounds awful! I hope this works, but you play by play of the appt totally had me rolling! Love you girl....xoxo

Susan said...

I am so excited, I feel like it's me!!!!!
Hoping it helps with the migraines and with the start of 'laugh lines'.
PS - I may or may not have tagged you yesterday! Hope you play!

bailey j said...

Sort of a wicked benefit outside of the awesomeness that is a cure for your migraines. Hoping it helps big time for your ailments but at least you will get something else out of it if not eh?

Kelly said...

i'm glad you'll be getting some relief.

also why do dr.'s feel the need to do that?


likeschocolate said...

I will let you in on my secret, and that is I use Botox for the same reason. I suffer headaches in the summer from squinting so much. My eyes are super sensitive and even with sun glasses I tend to squint. The Botox while it does not freeze my face it helps relax the muscles. Bye Bye headaches with an added bonus of less wrinkles.

Karen Fieri said...

I really really hope they work for you and I really really want to see you now!!

DydyLouis said...

I heard this use of botox is not very effective. Only 60% of patients felt an improvement after having botox for migraines.
I hope you'll feel better after having it because I know how it feels. In my case only after the second session of botox I felt better and my migraines started to disappear. My botox Ottawa specialist told me about this because some other patients had the same results. So if your condition won't improve too much after this session of botox I think you should have another one and hope for better results.
Good luck!!!

Susan Liberatore said...

Yes, I'm commenting again.

So, SO, SOOOOOO!!!!!!??

Laurie J said...

i don't see any lines on this side of the blog ;) curious to hear how it's working as i join you in this chronic migraine venture. SO.NOT.EASY. esp w/3 boys!! praying it's working, bloggy bud
<3 <3 <3

Rachel Reeves said...

girl, if I had every-day headaches, I would botox the heck out of my face!

let us know how it goes <3

hannah singer said...

ok. my comment is exactly what rachel said above!

praying it relieved you and you can enjoy summer.

LOVE ya xo

Flor said...

wow, i can't believe you have been able to survive daily migraines. ugh, i had a headache last week for many many days and i thought i was going to go crazy!

and i would totally do botox too.. you deserve to be wrinke free after all you've had to deal with :)

Terry Bayer said...

So, did you go for the treatment? You know it would help you a lot should you go for it. Just make sure that you go back every 6 months, so that you would see the improvement on your skin.

Katie said...

I hope the treatment went very well for you! :) Aside from alleviating your migraine and wrinkles, Botox can also treat muscle spasms and excessive sweating, and decrease the pain caused by arthritis. I hope you do make a blog post about your treatment, as reference for interested individuals. :)

Katie Hallison