Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 questions

Good morning, Friends!

Susan from Ava Grace's Closet tagged me so I thought I'd share a few randoms about myself here.
1. What is your Secret Single Behavior?  I bite my nails. Gross, I know. I know what you're thinking...anxious habit. Yep, you're right! No shame here.
2. What book are you reading right now (be honest!)? Quirky Yes, Hopeless, No (Asperger's Book). Since Luke was diagnosed 5 years ago, Autism Spectrum Disorder books have been the majority of my reading. I feel like I should have Ph.D by now!
3. What are three books on your "to read" list? Steve Jobs is next, but I'm not sure after that. Why is this font so small??? I'm rolling with it.
4. What is your most used Android/iPhone/iPad App? Pandora. It is my go-to for the gym and when I want to block out my children fighting when I'm driving.
5. If you could go on a Blogger Friend Date with any blogger, who would you pick? Karen. We live in the same town, attended MOPS together, but never get to see each other!
6. What is a favorite memory of yours that is not related to your marriage and/or child(ren)? Summer vacations to the midwest to visit relatives. 
7. What songs do you dance in the kitchen to? Rap.
8. What is something you have learned about yourself through blogging? I've learned that when my creative juices are dry and I am not motivated to write, it is because I'm not being honest with myself about my feelings about something. 
9. What are your comfort foods? Mint chocolate chip ice cream, brownies, chocolate chip cookies (do you see a theme here?).
10. What is the last song you purchased? The new Greg Laswell album. Love it!

Instead of tagging a few people, I am tagging anyone who would like to play along. Thanks Susan for including me...fun times!

Much love,


Kelly said...

i exercise to rap. shh!!!

Susan said...

Loved this. And we have similar taste in sweets...those are my favorites too.

Betsi* said...

I have that book! Surprise, surprise, right? ;). Loved your list!

Grace said...

I love honest people. have a great day.

christina said...

love it! I didn't peg you as a rap kinda girl :)

thank goodness for pandora!!

mint choc. chip is my fav!!

it was fun getting to know you!

Karen Fieri said...

Lets have our date!!! I can get someone to watch my kids anytime this week or next. Lets do this :)