Sunday, July 29, 2012

easy peasy addition lesson

Yep, I'm the mean mom that makes my kids do academic work during the summer. We spend 15 per weekday reviewing or introducing new concepts. We also spend 15 minutes reading. I know, I know, I'll be paying for their therapy later in life!

As a former teacher, I try to keep my kids motivated to learn. That tends to depend on lessons that do not include drill and kill worksheets. I'm not bashing them altogether, but when there is an opportunity to teach a concept with manipulatives, I seize the moment.

Charlie (6) is working on addition. I bought large die at the Dollar Tree. He rolled two and counted the dots.  

Charlie would then circle the sum on the whiteboard. Our objective was to circle all numbers 2-12. Why not one? I put it on the board, but Charlie realized that because there was not a side with zero dots on one dice, that we could never get 1 as a sum. I love those higher level thinking skills at work.

You can also just use one dice and roll it to teach number identification to a younger child. Roll. Count. Write.

In addition, I used these with my 4th graders when I long-term subbed last year. They had to come up with all possible products for multiplication problems using the di. They then created a board game for the whole class to!!!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Much love,


christina said...

you friend are a girl after my own heart!!

We do school work every day...funny b/c mine have no idea what summer break it

anyway you can make it fun...always makes it easier... I like tricking them into sounding letters or simple math :)

p.s. I love the dollar tree!!!

likeschocolate said...

Your not alone! We make our kids do academic work too'

Susan Liberatore said...

You are SO good!
I really need to get Julian reviewing the moment we get home. His last report card was {ahem} less than stellar.

Kelly said...

you go girl. learning should be fun.