Sunday, July 1, 2012

a ghetto 6th birthday and he survived

Charlie turned 6 on Friday. I don't know how that happened. Stop the clock, please.

I had grand plans for a Lego themed party. I tend to lean towards the "go big or go home" philosophy with parties.

I just simply like parties and they make up for my lack of any other creative genes missing. This mama can't sew on a button, draw a stick figure, or sing a tune, but I can plan a killer party.

However, going back to teaching mid-year wiped me out and proved to be a survival of the fittest game (surviving daily life vs. planning Pinterest driven Lego party).

Real life won.

We celebrated with my family last weekend. The skateboard was a hit.

On his actual June 29th birthday, Charlie ended up having lunch at McDonald's at his instance. We like to keep it classy.

He then picked out a Lego set and headed to meet another family at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Now, I'm not slamming CC, but I generally avoid that place like the bird flu. Not saying that you can catch the bird flu there, but I'm pretty certain there's a lot of germs lingering on every surface my children touch. I practically spray them down with germ spray when they head to the car!

I skimped on the party package and used a coupon for pizza and coins instead. The biggest hit was the ticket blaster. That's all the birthday boy wanted to do. It's the little things.

Nana, Pops, and Kevin were ready to join us back at our house after work so we could celebrate with brownies-not cake as per Charlie's request. The kid knows what he wants.

And just for bonus points, I had to add Lego candles. That's a Lego theme, right???

Happy 6th Birthday, Charlie. We love you Buddy.

Much love,


Laurie J said...

happy birthday to your lil man, charlie! chuck e cheese is where it's at.....but i totes get the germ thing. way to be a cool mom and take him anyways ;)

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Mamasita said...

This is hilarious! :) Isn't it funny the little things that please the heck out of children??? Gotta love em!
Glad he had fun! Happy Birthday Buddy!
Lots of love to you,

christina said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to your boy!!!

So we almost never eat fast food and on birthdays we always let them pick is always McDonalds!

p.s. Chuck E cheese is heaven to our house hold...I try very very very hard to ignore the germs!

Joy Kinard said...

That was fun stuff!

Marie said...

good stuff.

happy birthday to your big boy!

(we always mix it up for's awesome to have the all-out celebration years, and turns out we all love those quieter ones too!)

Jen said...

I think you gave him the perfect birthday. Sometimes the big hooplas are over rated and Mickey D's and CC's are just what is needed :)

Julia said...

good for you! we love trips to mcdonalds :) and its sweet that you listened to him and made brownies. my daughter's birthday is coming up soon and I'm purposely keeping it low key

casey leigh said...

Awesome birthday!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!
What a great day he must of had! He looks so happy in all of the pics:)

elsie said...

that's the thing about little boys - the more ghetto the better!!

just wanted to let you know that I'm blogging again!

Susan said...

He's the cutest!
Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.
And I hear you on the C.E.C.!! It made me lol actually.

likeschocolate said...

Looks like a perfect way to celebrate a 6th birthday!

Rachael said...

your skimping is probably better than my real parties!

katrina adams said...

they are happy whether you go big or not. as much as i love planning those huge, elaborate just gets in the way and there aren't enough hours in the day. can't i just hire a personal assistant? geez.