Sunday, July 22, 2012

the iPhone thief

So yesterday was quite a day.

Kevin and I thought it would be a grand plan to get our kids outside in the fresh air at the beach.

We consider the beach our go-to place to find peace. It is our neutral territory where our kids keep busy, don't fight, and we actually get a few minutes to sit next to each other and talk instead of text to communicate.

However, we've had a heck of summer with Jack (4). More on him on a future blog. The bottom line is that his behavior is incredibly challenging and our house is becoming a prime candidate for the Super Nanny.

As we set up our umbrella, spread out the sand toys and instructed the kids to not drown, we dug our toes into the toasty sand and inhaled our anticipated relaxation.

No relaxation was to be found that day. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Luke (9), who has Asperger's Syndrome, has become extremely sensory to the sand.

We are beach people.

This is not good.

He refuses to wear his swim trunks because he dislikes the water since it causes sand to stick to him. Knowing this, I bring books, magazines, and drawing materials to keep him busy. But, yesterday these things were not sufficient enough to calm his sand sensitivity. We listened to him gripe about going home for 2 hours straight.

As a parent of a child with Asperger's, I struggle. I don't know if I should help him learn to cope or remain sensitive to his needs and leave him with a babysitter or grandparents. Being nuero-typical, I know I cannot understand his world and the things he experiences. It is hard.

As we were dealing with Luke, Jack thought it would be fun to pick up long strands of seaweed to whack his brothers. They were not fans of his "game" and clearly let him know.

We decided to call it a day. Sometimes you just have to put expectations aside, accept the reality, and go to plan B.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I left my phone, which I had my shopping list on, by the checkout. Someone swiped it and thought that they just found a easy way to make some cash.

However, my ever so techy husband immediately put a lock on my phone and identified the location of my phone using a phone finder app on his iPhone. I wanted to call the police, but he was confident that he could retrieve the phone without police assistance.

So with three beach boys sitting in the back of the minivan, one freaked out mama, and an iPhone mystery solver, we drove through a shady area and found the house. Kevin immediately recognized a car with a green surf board on it.

It was parked at the grocery store when we were there.

Kevin had 911 ready on his phone. He approached the door and knocked. A women asked who it was through the door. Kevin informed her that he used his phone to located my phone and it was at their house.

She told Kevin that they had not left the house. He quickly informed her that he recognized the surfboard.

"Let me get my husband," she replied.

Her shaggy surfer husband came to the door. Kevin repeated what he told the man's wife.

"Oh, I found it on the floor (lie!) and picked it up. I didn't want to turn it in because I thought they might lose it (lie!).

He walked to the car as my 6'2" husband tailed him.

"Yeah, I don't even have enough money to buy an iPhone (um, why are you disclosing that? Just makes you more guilty, my friend).

As he mumbled a few other things, he handed Kevin the phone.

Whew, I am glad to have my phone back and I'm glad Kevin was not met at the door by a crazy man.

Much love,

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Greta said...

Kevin is a stud! Way to go Kev!
My kids love it, and it is usually the place where we all have the most wonderful time.
But then there will be the time that someone isn't in the mood and it all goes downhill...........but there will be many more trips to the beach.
Aaron hated the sand when he was a kid too.
His family camped at the beach and he would stay in the trailer the whole time--I think he even got hives because he hated it so much. Thankfully he grew out of it.
Hoping Luke's sensory issues with sand ease soon.
Love from,

Jessica said...

This gave me chills because I am absolutely addicted to my iphone, but also because your husband is a brave man! He handled that well!

Hope things get a little easier with the boys! Doesn't it feel like when the weather is incredibly hot, everyone is a little more cranky? Maybe cooler weather (if it ever comes!) will bring a bit of a break for you!

Julia said...

What a great story about your phone! And I can relate with not knowing when to give in and when to challenge with sensory sensitivities. After going through books + cutting paper and coloring during church today (and sitting in the crying room where its dark) I gave my 4 year old my iphone so I could hear a few minutes of the sermon..

Tani said...

Katie.....we share in the struggle of knowing whether to push the sensory child to conform or to allow them to just stay in their comfort zone. I believe that Jerry has sensory integration disorder which causes him a lot of anxiety and struggles that keep him from doing a lot of things that he truly wants to do. Big accompishment in June tho......his summer goal to ride a bike was achieved! However....he did no learn nor feels confident on his size bike but rides a small bike where his fit fit flat and firmly on the ground....he needs that security. These kids have way different needs and coping than most. It is difficult to see through their eyes and know the best way to parent them. You are an amazing parent and I learn a lot from your posts....thx for sharing. Tani

Susan said...

OMG! I had to read this twice it was so good.
Your hubby is so brave! Seriously. You never know what you're dealing with. Glad you got your phone back.
I'm sorry to hear about your not so great trip to the beach. Happens to us all the time too just for different reasons...Julian is such a challenge. I don't know what to do some days.

Heather said...

Brave husband!

Karen Fieri said...

Kevin is my hero! That is all.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Holy Crap!!! What a day & good for you that you were able to get it back. I know my hubs would do the same thing for sure. Just that kind of guy. We sure need them don't we?!!