Wednesday, July 14, 2010

911 Super Nanny!!!

I need the Super Nanny. Pronto. Jack keeps getting out of his bed and it is driving me INSANE.

I don’t know what to do. Part of me just wants to commit myself somewhere just to escape my frustration. I know that for mothers of older children this must seem like a small thing that I am sweating, but right now, in my house, this seems big. Very big. And unlike a lot of problems I have with my kids, Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C have all failed. Plan D, Plan E, and Plan F have not worked either. The kid won’t stay in his bed. Oh, my Jack. My once sweet and obedient baby is 2 1/2 and thinks getting out of his bed is fun and games.

So each night, I try (not succeed) at calmly putting him in bed with a consistent bedtime routine. But the stinker continues to find it extremely humorous to run out and shout “ta-da” every few minutes. I pick him up, tell him to stay in bed, and leave the room. But then he does it again. And again. And again.

This mama is BEAT.

It’s moments like this that I wish our kids had buttons to program like robots. But then that would take away their individual personalities. So for now, I have to deal with the willful munchkin in our house and keep envisioning the Super Nanny encouraging me to be consistent and calm. If that doesn’t work, I just may have to apply to be on the show. Whatever it takes to get that kid to sleep.


Stephanie said...

I read somewhere to put a lock on the outside and inside the door leave a pillow and blanket and tell him that if he gets out of bed, there is a pillow and blanket to sleep on but it wont' be as comfortable as his bed. Just tell him you love him but he has to go to bed like his brothers or I guess he has to sleep on the floor by the door. Maybe the fun will wear off or put a gate across the door with the door open, whatever works. I can see how that would be extremely frustrating and yes, #3s are the spunky ones for sure!!!

Hannah said...

Use the old tried and true token economy. Find a reinforcer...something HIGHLY motivating and tell him he can work for it by earning tokens. Stickers, beans, coins, whatever. Just something to mark how many nights he stayed in his bed. The first time he should earn it really quickly-like one or two nights in a row. Then as he gains compliance you can move the bar a little. Stretch it to five days or a week. This technique is what is finally enabling Truman to progress with his potty training. It's worth a shot. Good luck :-))

MA said...

I know this would make your day unbearable BUT....Wednesday when Russell and I put the boys to bed and Jack hadn't napped he went right to sleep when I walked out of his room. How late did he sleep Thursday morn?