Monday, July 19, 2010

Crackers in Bed

Some memories just stick in my mind more than others. Our oldest is now 7, but when he was around 3 he crawled into bed with me in the morning. I wasn’t feeling well as I was struck hard by morning sickness with our second baby. My 1st reaction was to convince him to fall back asleep. As he nuzzled close to me, he noticed the saltine crackers on my nightstand. He grabbed the bag and proceeded to crunch on the crackers and chat with me. He even offered me some. So there we sat together in bed...eating crackers. Crumbs and all.

Something so small, yet so big that I still remember it.

It was a perfect way to start our morning and it reminded me to cherish those small moments. Now we have 3 boys. Our mornings are rushed as we race to get lunch packed, breakfast made, and Luke off to school.

Eating crackers in bed with my Luke is one of my favorite memories. It was simple and sweet and will always remain that way in my heart.

I'd love to hear if there is a moment that you have frozen in your memory with one of your children. Please share!


Mommy of three said...

Oh I do miss those days with just one. You are right that things are rushed now, It is harder to find those quiet moments with them. Yet, I wouldn't trade the time with the 3 of them to go back to just one. It is just a different kind of richness.
Just last night, Aaron, James and I were talking about newborns and cleaning their belly button. Aaron was explaining the whole thing to James and i realized how long it has been since I checked so carefully that tiny little spot on a tiny little body. Only 2 years, but it feels like forever.
A weird memory, I know, but just thinking about my sweet babies when they were that little made me all teary.
It is good to remember.
Love from,

Hannah said...

Now that Dave is gone during the week, Truman and I seem to have lot of those simple bonding times. My favorite though, is when he comes up to me and asks to "make" my nose-or my eyes or mouth or whatever. This is kind of weird but it's just his way of being tender with me. He squishes his nose to mine and we stare eye to eye and just breathe in each other's smiles. Or he gently covers my eyes with his hands and then checks to see if I'm okay. I don't really understand where this came from or why he does it, but I cherish it each time it happens. I'll be really sad when he stops doing it.

Leah said...

This post made me think of when Levi was only a few days old, I was still tired from delivery, and the nurse brought him in from the NICU. We laid in bed gazing into each other's eyes for such a long time, and come to think of it, it may have been the first time with just the two of us together. It was a super special moment for me and one I will never forget.