Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too Paint or Not to Paint

So the design mission continues. I'm still working on the kitchen and I've started on the family room/kid playroom/office (that's what happens with a small house). The colors are similar to the others in the house...blues, greens, and browns. However, since it is a kid space and I love the color, I've added bits of orange. Not too much since it is overpowering, but just enough to say, "Hello, I'm orange and I'm here to make you happy!"

(They are more muted in person)

I really wanted symmetrical modern prints from Crate and Barrel but the $320 didn't fit my budget. So I did my best at coming up with my own version based on something similar I found in a design magazine.

Frames + Scrapbook paper= Project

I found cheap frames from Ikea with white matting. Then I put in funky scrapbook paper. I am going for a more modern look with this area of the house and brighter colors to reflect that is is a kid-friendly space.

I'm not sold on the white frames but I'm going to live with them for a week before I decide if I want to paint them or not.

The other problem with the white frames is that I don't have a lot of white accessories. I needed something above my kitchen cabinets so I bought vintage looking white pottery. I like the white and it helps bring some cohesiveness with the frames since the rooms connect.

Here's one up close:

But Kev thinks I should whip out the good old spray paint and paint them the same as these guys (the owls)...

I'm on the fence. What do you think? I am not one to usually ask for advise, but I'm open. I can't promise I'll do what you suggest, but I'll ponder it. Fair, right?


Much love,


Mommy of three said...

How about just doing one a color so it really pops? Maybe Orange????
Every thing looks great! So clean and bright and modern. I love it all!
Love from,

katie said...

Yeah, Kevin was thinking the turquoise from the owls. I am thinking orange. Too be continued...

MA said...

So when did you get the pottery? Did you go shopping after we got home? Remember the '60's bedroom set I told you I had as a teenager??
Orange, turquoise and white. How about one of each color!

You are amazing. You can send your design work to HGTV. Your show could be called "Budget Designs" while raising & shopping with 3 sons.

katie said...

I went this morning after the gym. They are Home Goods finds. : )

Stephanie said...

I say leave it all as it is. I love the white, timeless, clean and simple. Never get tired of white. Love the white frames too. Leave it. Just my two cents. You are doing an amazing job.

katie said...

Thanks, Stephanie. I know, the white is so timeless and classic. Hmm...

jdean14 said...

Hey girl... I really like them as is white. I can't really tell from photos, but if there are enough openings maybe you could fill them with colored tissue paper? Then it's not permanent, but will give you that pop of color your looking for... just a thought.


katie said...

Hey Jenny! : )
It is always helpful getting a professional opinion. Thanks! After sleeping on it, I'm keeping them white.