Monday, July 12, 2010

Whooo loves Owls?

I am on a mission to make my kitchen feel complete. I don't know if the sudden motivation is due to having all 3 boys home now that it is summer or what, but I'm seizing the moment.

I'm lovin' the fake vintage "tiles", but there was still something nagging at me.

This empty space:

I'm not one for clutter so normally a little empty isn't a bother, but this empty was just a bit too, well, empty.

So I decided to find some quirky bookends. I found these guys at Barnes and Noble:

They fit the bill...not traditional and owls work with the vintage thing so they were a go. Except, I already have enough white in my kitchen...tiles (you know how I feel about those) and cabinets.

White = No Problem. I just needed a can of spray paint and this is what I got:

So stinkin' cute and a bit funky. Lovin' them! Now I just need to start cranking open these cookbooks. Maybe these owls will give me the motivation for that.

Happy Monday!

Much love,


Four Flights said...

oh Katie I love this! What a great way to show off your cookbooks. I have several that I use every week and are actually pretty to display, but they're tucked away in a cupboard. Maybe I need to think of doing something like this? Do you mind me asking how much those owls were?

katie said...

They were $40. I had the same cookbook dilemma forever. I'm so glad to have them displayed now. : )

Mommy of three said...

OK, number 1, you are never again allowed to say you don't have the creative gene! Cause you totally, totally do.
Number 2, I am going to copy this. Imitation is the highest form of flatter, right? I will give you full credit because you deserve it!
Number 3, do you feel like blogging has helped you do things you never thought about or even thought you could? I do. When I see other people doing creative things it gives me the motivation, courage and excitement to try. I am adding you to my list of inspiration in the crafty realm now too. You are already an inspiration in other parts of my life, so this feels just right.
Not to gush, but really, I love those owls and think you did a great job.
Love from,

katie said...

You are too sweet. I must remind you that it was YOUR blog that inspired me to start all of this in the 1st place. Every time I read your words and see your beautiful photographs, I am inspired. And, yes, reading other blogs gives me the courage to try things I never thought I could do. Kevin is getting a kick out of this new girl in his house! : )
Much love,

Leah said...

those owls turned out so well! they are so cute! i wish i had extra space to try out something like this . . .