Monday, July 5, 2010

Just Two Hands

Today as we stepped in sync along the tree lined path and listened to the brook below, I paused before I reached for his small hand.

He's big now. Would he pull it away? That was my biggest fear. Would he hold it for a moment despite his embarrassment to spare hurting my feelings? Nope. His seven year old, soon to be a big second grader hand warmly embraced my own and we strolled together without a word.

It was perfect.


Michelle Blair said...

That makes me I really have to start worrying at 7? I try to remind myself that those days are coming and to appreciate how much my kids want to be with me now!

MA said...

I love that Luke!!! It's hard to look into the future but those hands will some day take your arm and guide you step by step through your golden years.

Leah said...

aw. SO sweet.