Thursday, February 17, 2011

i heart san diego

While others in different states are hunkering down in their homes to stay out of the freezing cold, we spent our weekend riding bikes around Mission Bay.

It's winter and I was wearing shorts. Yes, we are lucky and yes, we appreciate it.

We also appreciate days when we can slow down and spend time with our extended family. It doesn't happen as much as we'd like it to. Life is too busy and we need to try harder on that one because really, when it really come down to it, those are the moments that matter in life, right?

And just like any other outing with littles, there were high points and low points. High points: no whining and blue skies. Low points: crashes resulting in boo boos and a too tired Jack unable to ride his scooter on the way back to the car (thanks Uncle B for rescuing him).

(hmmm....where's Daddy and Jack?)

(Thank goodness for Uncle B)


The Mama Monster said...

It was a gorgeous weekend!!! Looks like you enjoyed it to the fullest!

kc6mie said...

There is nothing better than Mission Bay. Jane and I took K,P&R there all the time when the boys were young. Glad you went and hope you go again soon, maye Nana and Pops will go as well.