Sunday, February 27, 2011

are you there katie? it's me your blank wall.

When I hear the pounding of raindrops on my tile roof, I get my craft on. I am by no means a crafty girl, but there is something about the rain that brings out the need to create.

We've had a series of projects looming over our overwhelmed heads. The major house projects are done now that the wood floors are in, the bathrooms are remodeled, and the hardscape in the yard is finally complete.

Although it is the "easy projects" that are now before us, we've reached a point of indifference. With expending so much energy on the huge projects, the little ones just simply get pushed aside.

However, after the DIY chalkboard hung by itself for a couple of months, I started feeling the itch to finish the empty wall on our staircase.



I ordered a canvas print from Costco of our family photo from Christmas. Oddly, I didn't even use it for our Christmas card since Jack and Charlie are not looking at the camera. Funny thing though, that's what I love about it now. Family pics with littles are not supposed to be perfect.

Hint: When doing canvas, go with Costco. Their prices are super cheap compared to some of the other popular print companies.

Yay! This chica digs a bargain.

The funky bird was hanging by the dining table, but I was on a Martha roll and did another project to replace it. More on that to come. It coordinated perfectly with the green, turquoise, black, and white so up it went.

The white wood "S" was a piece of cake. I bought the letter and a simple black frame on sale at MIchael's. I whipped out some spray paint and painted the cardboard that is used to support the picture of the frame.

I used wood glue to adhere the "S" to the cardboard backing.

And although I spent numerous hours perseverating over the background color, whether or not I should find a cool flea market or thrift store frame with more detail, and if I should paint the "S" or not, I'm satisfied with the outcome. The bottom line is that although antique frames look cool in other people's homes, I am a simple girl who likes clean lines. It may not be as funky as I envisioned originally, but I will not be tempted to change it as quickly either.

The pic of my 3 guys was a Christmas present from my talented brother-in-law. He is a professional photographer. He rocks.

It wasn't an intentional photo shoot, but that's why I love it all the more. Jack and Charlie are fresh out of the shower. If it was a scheduled shot, they would have been in clean, matching clothes, and I'd never have proof of Jack-Jack sucking on his paci at 2 which was in his mouth more often than not. Yeah, I guess I'm that mom. I certainly wasn't with kid #1, but by kid #3, I've learned to pick my battles. Now that the kid gave his pacis to the paci fairy, I'm glad that I get to look at this precious shot and remember Jack in a real, true moment.

Lastly, I have to give props to my husband. Without his 6'2" height, I would have been drilling into the wall while teetering on a ladder against all common sense because when I want something done, it has to be right then and there. He knows that about me and I appreciate him not wanting me to end up in a body cast. He's good like that.

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Brooke said...

Well, that looks LOVELY! Costco, eh? I ordered thinner boarded prints from my photographer. But they are pricey and I want MORE... maybe I should give costco a try! Thanks :D

Erin said...

Looks great Katie- Sorry I never got back to you about how I made our S letter. But you went and did a great one on your own. For further reference...Get a piece of wood (thinner works better for hanging it), spray it the color you want your letter to be, then find a font you like, and blow the letter up as big as you want it to be and print it on a sheet of label paper (they make 81/2 x11). Cut the letter out and stick it to your board. Now spray the color you want the background to be (on top of the letter), let it dry and peel off the paper letter. There you go, kind of a reverse stencil. I like to rough mine up a bit with sand paper too. You can make words, letters, numbers whatever...have fun!

Amy said...

This is on my to do list. I love the family photo. It looks great!

just live simply said...

looks great! i love that blue frame, balances everything so well!

keely steger said...

Looks fantastic!

Alyss said...

That looks lovely! Teach me to be crafty when it rains, please! I get the itch to curl up in my bed and watch movie after movie. I could be so much more productive. I think I'll be trying that letter project you did there. Thanks for the tutorial.

Rachael said...

First time on your blog. Love the empty wall treatment! Looks great.

Gina said...

I love that blue frame too-all of it looks great. I always forget Costco does canvas prints....gotta get some ordered up!

Jen said...

Looks perfect

april@gingerbread girl said...

That wall looks so cute!!! Love it!