Saturday, March 5, 2011

modern silhouettes

Remember doing this as a parent gift in elementary school days?

I'm pretty certain all of our parents have a version of one.

Well, April over at Funky Vintage Kitchen created a fab tutorial on portraits. However, she added a few extra touches that give it a modern twist.

Visit her blog and check out her final product. Just click on Funky Vintage Kitchen above.

Let me tell you a few hints that I learned while doing mine.

1. I'd enlarge my pics more. Mine are a bit too small, but I'm learning to compromise with perfection so despite all urges to redo it, I'm restraining myself.

2. Pick a scrapbook paper with a small print. I found super cool vintage inspired paper at Michael's. My 2 favorite out of the 3 that I picked ended up being my least fav when the project was complete since the design is lost when the silhouette and cardstock are put on top of it.

3. April used an additional mat on her frame. I didn't. I am an amatuer crafter and found this intimidating so I just used the the one mat that came with my IKEA frame. If you don't live near an IKEA, head to Target.

4. I wish I would have written 2011 under the silhouette. I already have a deteriated mommy brain and I am fearful it is just going to get worse as I get older. I want to remember how old the kids were when we did this.

Despite the lessons I learned, I quite content with how they turned out. I heart personal touches in homes and this will be a project to treasure.

Let me know how it turns out!

Happy weekend, Friends! I'm off to Opening Ceremonies for Charlie's baseball followed by a hike in Julian. What about you? Any big plans?

Much love,


missmehoneybee said...

Those are great. Going to check out the how to. They are timeless. My mom still has ours up from when we were kids at disneyland.

Brooke said...

You are getting your craft on :D I love how these turned out - the colorful matting is a fun touch :D I did ours in our dining room a while back....... let me see if I - yup I wrote a blog about it.......